After action report of DTS Guam seminar

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    ‎1530 hrs Friday 15 October. Just finished 4-5 hrs with GT Tortal knocking the set in rust off of the applications.. Started at 0800 this morning and finished up about 9 minutes ago.. I feel like 500 miles of GovGuam roads, but what the hell.. You only live once

    One more thing . GT and I were training yesterday when we met a night supervisor at the local airport police department.. I know this individual as a frequent visitor through the area of where I am currently work.. He was blown away with the effectiveness of DTS, and he said he also was going to hit up the Chief of the airport police to arrange for GT and myself to schedule a seminar for them on down the line

    16 October 2010/1900 hrs..
    Just finished training a couple of hours back, started at 9am and by 1420 everyone had the glazed look of overload in their eyes, but we didn't finish up until 1730 .. Good time was to be had and it will be even better tomorrow. Man I haven't had this much fun since I started as the on site supervisor manning the gambling facility we had on island.

    Tomorrow we will be covering knife vs knife.. empty hand defenses against knife, empty hand versus long staff or sibat and finally a small get together for the season battling bastids and new recruits of the Dekiti Tirsia Siradas group on Guam

    17 October 2010/2100hrs.
    Another phase of Filipino Martial arts history has just concluded.. The first Guam Dekiti Tirsia Siradas seminar was completed about 2 hrs ago.. 19 hrs of training in the family system of GT Tortal.. 179 pictures and 20gigs of video were shot during this time. Now the fun begins, video and picture editing of over 20 gigs of video and 180 pictures

    18 October 2010/1500 hrs

    Well, another piece of Filipino Martial arts history has been put into the books as GT Nene goes through security at the airport on his way home.. It has been a full 4 days of training and sight seeing..
    GT Nene and I were talking prior to his departure about how he enjoyed this first trip to Guam.. His response was a smile from ear to ear and said he was content.. Since I have been involved with the Filipino culture for more than 30 yrs, I could read by his body english that he was as happy and and was well relaxed after the whirlwind trip this year..

    It was my privilege to have him come to my little piece of real estate way out in the middle of the Pacific and to be able to restablish ties with someone that I really respect.

    On a side note, a lot of changes have been happening since the FMA first made it's presence known in the western part of the world.. Let us not forget our roots and pay respect to our Filipino Manong who have shared their knowledge of the Filipino Martial culture to us.. Our time with them is coming to a conclusion faster and faster every year, so remember our roots and give respect to each of these legends of Filipino Combatives
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    Sounds like a great seminar. When will we get to see some pics?
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    Once I finish editing the Photos and learning how to put them on this site.. We have some video on facebook and youtube already.. These were put up by some of the other attendees of the seminar and one of my students..
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    What's the youtube link?
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    The videos are great Bill, thank you very much!
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    The videos that were posted were taken by one of my students.. I am still editing the 20 Gigs of video I have on my camera and will be posting some clips of them as I cut them down to size.. I also will be sending copies of the dvds to the guys on the mainland who helped me get GT Nene over here.

    Just hang on to your seats, as the ride that I am going to be doing with the editing process is going to be a bumpy one.. First time I have had a chance to do any editing on the 2 laptops that I use as my editing platform.. It takes a while to fill up a 1Terabyte hard drive and between my IT rep and myself, we are damn near done doing it..

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