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    Aloha Brandon
    I just spoke with Dan and he told me that you are not the one that came to visit me in 1994. So I googled your time under Derobio and you are definitely not the same person. The other student was Asian and his first name was Jordan. Brandon please accept my deepest appology for mistaking you for someone else and saying the things on the post. My passion for Derobio took the best of me. I should know better. There is no excuse. I posted a response from a question that emotions are the hardest thing to control. Your Instructor Dan and I had a long and good discussion tonight and we do not want a rift in the Derobio Family. There are so few Derobio Instructors in the first place. We all need to stick together. I cannot take back the words I said but understand the content. There are two lineage in Derobio, the bloodline that will carry the torch and the first generation instructors who trained directly under GGM Pedoy. Lets both honor GGM Pedoy and Derobio by taking the high ground. We can agree to disagree, we can debate moves, we can debate and share our history, we can do all this with integrity, honor and respect. The administrators here are exceptional individuals. Let us set the standard for decency.

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    Greetings Master Chief,

    Thank you for your kind words. There is an old English quote that I like. “The growth and development of people is the highest quality of leadership.” With that said it was never my intention to state or say anything to provoke an emotional response, for that I do apologize. As authorities within this style I agree that we should work together towards the propagation of this great art.

    I look forward to sharing my experiences as well as learning from some of your insights, so that the art may continue to grow and flourish as it has. It is an honor to work alongside someone such as yourself, who has spent so many years training and practicing this art tirelessly.

    I look forward to meeting you in the very near future, and enjoying fellowship.


    High Chief Maestro / Sifu Brandon Jordan
    Derobio Escrima
    Head Instructor of Mandala Mandirigma
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    This is awesome I look forward to everyone sharing their knowledge on the forum!

    Much Aloha to everyone!
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    In all families there are arguements and differences but we work through it and become closer. With the help of friends on this Forum we can grow into better human beings. I look forward to meeting you and training with you. You are always welcomed in my home and school. Chief Dan and I go back a long way and we understand have mutual respect for each other. You are part of something that few have. I know you cherish that by what I read on your web site. I started posting here because I wanted to introduce the world to GGM. Pedoy. With your help and hopefully others we can move Pedoy's Derobio Escrima into future.
    Aloha and God Bless
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    Escrima is the most eclectic martial art in the world. Whats original is the intent behind the movement. GGM Pedoy always told us," If you know how to box, if you know how to wrestle and you know Derobio, it is complete."
    Derobio Escrima blends with all Martial Arts Styles. But you cannot blend martial styles into Derobio. Its unique unto itself. Derobio Creed was developed long ago in Hawaii to help us.


    Thank You for honoring my Grandfather by promoting his Art of Derobio.
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    Derobio is definitely one of the most unique styles I have ever seen, and for a certainity in my experience many are caught off guard initially due to its seeming simplicity in the beginning. However when one truly becomes immersed in its practices one finds a depth and richness of practice that is truly unparalleled.

    I have personally found that much of its sophistication lies in its simplicity of movement. This seems to be a hallmark of many battle tested art forms. The principles of this art provide keys that deepen one's understanding of martial practice on a broad level. Derobio is one of the few arts I have seen that still retains its combative effectiveness, and bladed awareness. The quote you mention here reminds us of what this is all about, and teaches one how to be a better person I believe. The humanity and humility one gains due to the knowledge this art imparts, are very important lessons that can be applied throughout life.

    I consider myself fortunate to be one of the few instructors entrusted with promoting Derobio, and am happy and honored to work alongside yourself and other members to keep this art alive. It is a joy and priviledge to share this with dedicated individuals. As this is a gem I will aways treasure and protect.

    Thank you for your generosity and support. There is much to look forward to as we work together to share and educate the public. I look forward to continued growth and comeraderie in the promotion of this legacy. My respects to the masters, instructors and members of the growing Derobio family.

    Salamat Po,

    HC / Sifu B. Jordan
    Derobio Escrima
    Mandala Mandirigma
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    I am one of Master Chief Chris Originial San Diego Students & a personal friend of his. While it is true he is ranked in Kempo ,I have never seen him teach anything but Pedoy Derobio Escrima. I am ranked Kempo and Several Other arts and have been involved in martial arts since 1971
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    Hi Victor Good to hear from you. Is your training doing well? You know it was because of you I started posting here. I visit this forum often but never said anything. I needed a sign. Your post was that sign. I actually posted to reach you. Its a good thing! The people on this forum are good people.

    Take Care
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    Hello everyone,i am new to the forum and myself being a padwan under the teaching of H.C. Brandon Jordan,have much to learn about derobio.I fell in love with the art when i first started training under my previous teacher and have been hooked since.I have a deep respect for my teacher and growing still,he is a great teacher and a great is nice to see that the previous issue is now resolved and the derobio community can focus on finding a way to open the doors for everyone to go out and share their knowledge of this great art.I have studied other arts including kempo,and chinese kung fu (snake,southern praying mantis,and hung gar,which was my favorite),my teacher in these arts was Lawry,whom i also have much respect for.I am very interested speaking with all of you and see the differences in what lens people look thru when they study this art. i have learned alot from Brandon and look forward to following years of study under him.Well hope all is good in life with everyone,God Bless
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    Welcome! Keep the movement simple and direct. Derobio blends well with other arts. Allow the Garotte to be your teacher.

    God Bless
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    Welcome, Padawan! So glad you joined us! We've got a fun place here, glad you could come on board. God bless. :bow:
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    Good to see you here Padawan. Thank you for the kind words. As time goes by we look forward to working with MChief Chris and other Senior Instructors of the Derobio family to encourage and enhance one another's appreciation of this great art. As well as to share our love for martial arts as a whole.

    MChief Chris has many decades of practice in this art. Having the benefit of some of his personal experiences as well as oral history of Derobio as passed to him from GGM Pedoy will enhance your learning curve, and will add to our collective knowledge as a whole. This is a great time to be practicing this art!


    HC Maestro/Sifu B Jordan
    Derobio Escrima
    Head Instructor of Mandala Mandirigma
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    Aloha Everyone...Sorry I've been out for awhile from FMA Talk. WoW I missed all this ..LOL Well I for one am glad that my Brother Chris and Jordon got things clear because I'm like the black sheep of the family and the crazy cool things worked out..So hows everyone doing?
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    Aloha, I'm GM Lennie Siangco , my brother Chris only teach Derobio, I am the Kenpo Master and teacher of the Siangco Ohana...So I will verfy that also...
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    That is true GM Shangko is the one trained CHA3 in the 60's. Derobio Eskrima thats Grand Tuhon Chris Siangco. San Diego, Northern California & Hawaii Pulahan Derobio Eskrima !
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    It seems like a lot of people who studied CHA3 in Hawaii went on to big things!
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    Intense Training

    CHA3 had very intense training , one could say at the level of military tactical. One started from a white belt to break bricks, they trained and conditioned their fists, check out any pictures of Professor Tiwanak and you will notice his martial hand development. Prof. Chow had hands similar, so did Sijo Emperado!
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    Yeah you right brah check out Emperado's hands & Prof. Tiwanak's hands in these pics. Chow's trademark the developed hand, knuckles,palm conditioned etc...........
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