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    Greetings Everyone,

    Please allow me to introduce myself. I am High Chief Maestro Brandon Jordan, I am a long time practitioner of Derobio having trained under RHC Daniel Medina. Currently I am his highest ranked instructor. This is my first time posting here, so I am new at this. I would like to share another piece of history regarding the art of Derobio and other lineaged instuctors from the Great Grandmaster. I am pasting a copy of a post my teacher RHC Medina recently wrote on FMA Forum.

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    "Hello I am a first time responder. I would like to start with saying that its true that GGM pedoy opened the 1st school that was open to accepting non asian students. and there were many promoted to full Instructors, Chief Inst,Regional High Chief Inst and a couple of Master Chief Inst. In fact the House of Representitives of Hawaii passed a House resolution Honoring the GGM for being the fist to accept non asians. There was also a core of these students that learned the secrets of derobio mostly white and one hispanic during the last years of the GGM.I would like to name a few of these senior Instuctors Knut Peacock,Peter Schmall,Carlton Creamer,Ron England,Daniel Medina. Besides his son Batikan Edwardo J Pedoy these were his closest students at the time. All of whom were present when the GGM was teaching the Secrerts of his Locks and Counters. Time period from about 1985 to 1992. To say that he tought his family only is to dishonor the Name and Memory of this Great Teacher and Mentor. These Instructors have also promoted there own Instuctors. I cannot Name whom they have promoted,but I will name those whom I have authorized to teach. HC Brandon Jordan, Chief Inst's Melcor Chavez,Antionette Chavez,Gene Wolf,Adam Wolf,Inst-Mike Wanke,Ameile Frischnect, Joey Chavez, Marty Aragon and Arlan Sanford who the Last student to be promoted personaly by the GGM. Many have gone out on there own and have accomplished great things on there own But still give credit where credit is due. Sorry for being so long winded but there are many intructors that learned from the GGM that shouldn't be neglected as that is part of History and Blood is not required to have Lineage."

    It is our goal here to share and to contribute to informing the public about the history of Derobio thru the insights and experiences of others who are also accredited instructors of this art.

    On another note I would simply like to say that I feel that this is a long time coming, as many of the other Red Instructors and Seniors have remained quiet for some time regarding their part in the history of Derobio. I sincerely hope that this will encourage others to share their experiences as well. My teacher RHC Medina was one of the first to bring Derobio to the Mainland in the early part of the 90's having been stationed in Albuquerque, NM as a Navy Recruiter. This was written about in several newspaper articles in Albuquerque starting from the early 90's to currently today. It has always been his wish and ongoing effort to promote Derobio and to honor the memory of the Late GGM Pedoy, of whom he was the very last disciple of.

    In fact in 2001 RHC Medina was inducted in the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame for his untiring efforts to promote this art, and preserve the teachings of GGM Pedoy. This is merely a brief overview of some of the History of the promotion of this art. Over time we shall post pictures and speak more about the history and experience our branch and instructors have had in this art as well as contributions and that have been made.

    I am attaching a link below to the original posting made by RHC Medina.


    High Chief Maestro / Sifu Brandon Jordan
    Derobio Eskrima
    Head Instructor of Mandala Mandirigma (MMK)
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    Thanks for sharing this, and welcome to the site!
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    Hi Brandon
    I remember you. You came to visit me and my family in Chula Vista. My uncle, Batikan Eddie Pedoy was living with us.
    I remember training with the people you mentioned above except for Englund and Dan Medina. I moved to Maui in the late 80's. I guess the years from 1985 and 1992 was the Golden Years for Derobio Escrima.
    GGM Ty and myself started in the late 60's early 70's. My sons Christopher, Christian, Chaz and Curtis started training with GGM Pedoy from about 1975. Christian was 3 years old. I still have pictures of him working out with his Great Grandfather. I have a good relationhip with Dan Medina. We respect each other. He does what he does and we do what we do. I do not question his Loyalty. The last time I seen him was in the late 90's he had dinner at my home.
    The Largo Brothers were never mentioned but they were before everybody. the original Red Shirts.

    GGM Ty and myself we just teach Derobio. Can we help it if we are part of the family. If there is a problem with the wishes of GGM Pedoy and Batikan Eddie and the lineage just ask and I will give the numbers. call them up.
    Brandon your a High Chief and Sifu. Who promoted you to High Chief? As far back as I remember only the GGM. can promote Chiefs. Dan got his promotion from than GM Eddie Pedoy.
    Dan has his own school named Medina's Martial Art, if I'm not mistaken and he teaches, Arnis, Black Sphinx karate and Derobio Escrima and something else , I forget. We only teach Derobio.

    Brandon let me ask you a question, can you do a caranza like, GGM.Ty or GGM. Grandson's? Can you move like GGM Pedoy when he weilds his bolos? Getting a promotion from GGM.and Batikan does'nt make you lineage. If you want to have your own lineage start your own style and make yourself Grandmaster. That is the only way. Why does anyone from the family want to take credit or give credit? We are just sharing our experiences of GGM and Batikan. The relationship is deeper than just training at the school.

    Brandon I remember when you came to visit I tried to correct you on your footwork and angles. Did you fix it? So you say that your are the highest ranking instructor under Dan Medina. That is a great accomlishment. But do you really know what is Derobio? Did you know there are only two MasterChief Instructors in Derobio Escrima in the USA promoted by Batikan Eduardo Pedoy? One in Hawaii and another in Ca.

    If one is going to honor GGM .Pedoy than why not name your school ,The Pedoy School of Escrima or Pedoy's Derobio Escrima like we do. Its not called GGM Takahashi Martial Arts School or Siangco Derobio Escrima School. You say that we are neglecting other instructors and that blood is not required for lineage. And you say you want to honor GGM Pedoy's memory. How? By insulting his Son, Grandson and Great Grandsons? Who said Dan was the last Discple? Since when do we call students Disciples? GGM. Pedoy never called any of his students disciples.
    You guys out there with Derobio stamped on your forehead remember one thing, you do not fool around with the lineage in Derobio. You guys do what you want with what you think you know. GM Ty and Batikan Eddie Pedoy will read this and the post above. Besides me, this is two men you do not want to make angry.

    My appologies to the moderators of this forum. This is one of the reasons I do not want to post on forums. I was having a great time until ignorance reared its ugly head.

    My school is located in Chula Vista The Pedoy School of Escrima
    263 Broadway
    Chula Vista Ca 91910
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    Hi Chris,

    I don’t remember you; in fact we have “NEVER” even met, or had so much as a telephone conversation. I have certainly “NEVER” been to Chula Vista which means it would be “IMPOSSIBLE” for me to know you or your family. Secondly, neither myself nor RHC Medina are questioning the timelines in which you and your sons have trained with Master Pedoy. Curious, what is the nature of your relationship with RHC Medina being that I am constantly in contact with him, in fact the posting I placed on this forum are his words. Which I placed in quotations marks, that can also be verified by clicking on the link listed below. Why don’t you tell me his current phone number since you are alluding that you are in contact with him, and have “A Good Relationship” with Dan Medina? I just talked to him this morning, did he mention speaking with you? No he did not! What’s also curious is when exactly did you have dinner with Medina in the late 90’s considering I had been with him that entire time, and often would accompany him during his visits with other high ranking instructors of various styles? In fact I lived with him during an extended period of time while attending college in the late 90’s. Do I remember hearing of his ongoing friendship with you? No I do not! You stated that you do not question RHC Medina’s loyalty, yet you yourself make the statement that there are only a handful of full-instructors in this art, and RHC Medina is not mentioned.

    -You stated that “GGM Ty and myself we just teach Derobio. Can we help it if we are part of the family?”
    Yet you are ranked as a 9th degree Professor in Chinese Kenpo which would seem to contradict your assertion that you “ONLY” teach Derobio. Further, is your statement that you and GGM Ty are family supposed to make others feel envious or is it to establish dominance and superiority? Either way it cannot dispute the knowledge that has been taught by GGM Pedoy to RHC Medina and to me. My promotion of HC was awarded to me by RHC Medina in 2004 due to my contributions to the Art of Derobio after intensively studying Pencak Silat and Chinese KunTao, but since you have a “Good Relationship” with RHC Medina you should already be aware of that fact. If you read the posting I do not refer to myself as HC, it is RHC Medina who states that I am HC. Actually Medina’s fighting art is not called “Medina’s Martial Art,” the name of his school is “Medina’s Asian Fighting Arts Institute” at least that what it states on my diploma, but I’m sure that was merely a technical error in your statement. Medina’s personal fighting art, and contribution to Derobio is known as “Majapai” no doubt that you are also aware of that, right?

    Let me ask you Chris, can anyone move like the late GGM Pedoy? Fighting is personal and like RHC Medina is fond of saying “fighting is like scrambled eggs; you never scramble the same two eggs twice!” Was it the late GGM intention to produce carbon copies? Are we trying to perfect a style or are we trying to imitate someone? Imitation is the highest form of flattery; however it is not an exact science. No one moves exactly like the late GGM except for him. In fact, GGM Pedoy’s personal expression of Derobio was based on his experiences traveling, cross-training, as well as experiencing a few challenge matches in his lifetime. If we are trying to be exact does anyone know if GGM Pedoy moved exactly like his teacher General Faustino Ablin? If so, wouldn’t that make it Derobio Escrima “Ablin” Style? This would make it personal, so how would anyone except GGM Pedoy know his exact thoughts and memories during his performance of Carranza. So to answer your question, no I don’t move exactly like GGM Pedoy. Other than receiving a certificate and a high ranking promotion to teach an art form, what does constitute lineage exactly? My understanding and that of many other instructors is that lineage implies that a direct line can be traced from the current practitioners to the founder of the system. It’s interesting that for not holding lineage RHC Medina has his certificate as a notarized legal document from the late GGM Pedoy which implies lineage. If that’s the case then the promotion that he has awarded to me would establish that I also hold lineage. If the question of lineage is one of bloodline then that would rule most of us out, being that bloodline implies shared DNA, but perhaps that’s incorrect and there is another way of establishing bloodline other than what medical science has shown us today.

    CHRIS do you remember how at the beginning of this post I stated that we, “NEVER” met? That would seemed to contradict your statement about teaching me angles or footwork, actually considering the lies you have told throughout your posting regarding me, I find myself wondering what do you have to teach the public at all, other than your personal revision of history. Since history is “His-Story” that is your story, fortunately your story is false and has no grounds.

    To address your question of why not call your school “The Pedoy School of Escrima” because like my instructor we are not interested in being carbon copies of other practitioners. Let me ask you this Chris since we are on the subject, perhaps you can explain to me why GGM Pedoy in honoring his teacher didn’t refer to his school as the “Ablin School of Escrima.” Perhaps it’s because he choose to make the art his own, either way I guess it’s a moot point. Here’s what I do have to say. I call my school Mandala Mandirigma which I define as “Essence Preserving Environment of the Warrior Arts.” In other words this is my effort at preserving the teachings imparted to me by my instructors, rather than calling it Jordan’s School of Escrima.

    In conclusion let me say this to you, CHRIS, “I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING STAMPED ON MY FOREHEAD. HOWEVER I DO HAVE A LOT OF KNOWLEDGE FORGED IN MY FIST AND ON THE TIP OF MY STICK.” This has been forged under the teachings of some of the most knowledgeable and proficient masters and grandmasters in this country. All of whom are individuals I can assure you that you don’t want to meet, but to honor them I will leave their names out of it and keep this between myself and you since you decided to make this personal.

    Here’s my proposal to your CHRIS, why don’t we arrange a meeting where both you and I can exchange our knowledge and insights into this art, and perhaps you can attempt to refresh my memory of this supposed meeting we never had and the corrections you supposedly taught me, or you can issue me a personal apology on this forum for going out of your way to not only attempt to assassinate my character and discredit me, but also for issuing a veiled threat with no legitimacy behind your claims. This is a Filipino martial arts forum that is meant to be an instrument to unite others under the banner of brotherhood and professionalism, rather than a vehicle to display style insecurities, personal grievances, and cliques.

    Here’s what I do agree with you on Chris, “My apologies to the moderators of this forum. This is one of the reasons I do not want to post on forums. I was having a great time until ignorance reared its ugly head.”


    High Chief Maestro / Sifu
    Brandon Jordan
    Head Instructor Mandala Mandirigma
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    It's sad when people exploit the Pedoy name. Many will say they are the direct lineage to the art. When only the family can claim to hold the direct lineage. I've been noticing alot of people using the Pedoy name for monetary gain and fame. If you train Derobio fine but please don't insult our school by using the Pedoy name to gain attention. If you claim to be a Derobio instructor under the Pedoy name, are you in good standing with the school? Do you know who runs the school? In the Pedoy School of Escrima rank is earned not bought. If you want to settle any differences come on down to the Pacific Island Showdown II where you can leave everything on the mat.
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    I agree with your statement. It should be settled on the squared circle.
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    Administrator Note

    Thread locked for staff review.

    I strongly urge all users to review the rules of especially including the following:

    - Carol Kaur
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    Admin. Note.

    Obviously, this debate cannot be settled on FMATalk. We encourage the participants to discuss the matter by phone and see if it can be cleared up.

    We cannot have a back-and-forth battle of words on the site. Long experience makes it very clear that that sort of thing just drives other users away, leaving the two who are in disagreement arguing in an empty forum. We have minors using this site whose parents actively check it for suitability for young eskrimadors. (I correspond with such parents on occasion.) A good example must be set.

    I want to emphasize in the strongest possible terms:

    Discussions at FMAT must be conducted in the polite and professional manner you would be expected to use in a professional workplace. None of these topics are off-limits--save any challenges to physically fight, which are strictly disallowed--but mud-slinging hits everybody.

    I also want to emphasize that no one on the staff knows more about this art than we have read here, so we cannot judge who is right and who is wrong. As Datu Hartman always says, There are three sides to every story--yours, mine, and the truth! We are not in a position to sort this out.

    It's been great having people discuss this art here. I met a Derobio stuent once while working on an Air Force base in N.M. and he told me a bit about it and showed me some things, but he was a beginner who had taken just a few lessons and couldn't show me much. I left that job before his instructor returned from an out-of-town assignment. But this forum won't be of any use to anyone if we allow this to continue.

    We fully understand that each of you felt the need to say his piece. We get it. But the public disagreements must now be conducted in a polite and respectful way. Datu Hartman owns this site. Please picture yourself meeting one another in his Filipino martial arts school in West Seneca, NY and standing there in the viewing area having this discussion in front of him. How would you conduct the discussion then? We must have that sort of decorum here.

    I want to thank both gentlemen for sharing their views. That's why we're here.

    -Punong Guro Jeff Leader
    -FMAT Admin
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    Give Peace a Chance ??

    Come on lets get along. Chill out on the forums ! If Brandon knows Derobio, thats great, then he knows that Derobio doesn't settle matters here on the internet, right? So does his instructor Dan Medina,knows that as well. Hey we all represent FMA no matter what style it is and we don't need to see Brandon exhibit ignorance when responding to a person who truly does have authority to speak about Derobio. If you really did know the history of Hawaii FMA you would be able to answer the questions you posed for yourself, instead of getting into an arguement about any of this misunderstanding why don't we all get together speak to each other as respected warriors and settle this without losing class about it. Fighting here on the forums will not do you or us any good lets agree to disagree until such time we can all resolve as true gentlemen. Aloha Peace and Poi
  10. StixMaster

    StixMaster -== Banned ==-

    Hey lets all knock it off already, back to training, back on the subject of how a great style Derobio truly is. Lets concentrate on having the "Showdown" in Hawaii be another huge success. I was the one that mis- wrote the info, I apologize for that mistake so we can all now get back to Hawaii FMA and particularly Pedoy/Derobio Eskrima, those of us from Hawaii know who is who in any martial arts style that has come thru or from Hawaii. Us 'kama'aina' know who Master Chief is we don't know you yet, like youself doesn't know me yet so lets all get back to talking about eskrima and continue in the spirit of sharing just like we all experienced in Duarte,Ca this past weekend near Los Angeles. There were at least 6 styles all gathered together sharing thru mini workshops and demos. If there needs to be any further discussion about anything else lets do it by 'pm' rather then on the forums !! This is all about growth, like growing taro'kalo' it is great to eat but it takes hard work to grow it. Aloha Peace and Poi !!


    An Escrimador must have the Wisdom and Discretion

    to know when to use his art. When forced to use it

    he must show Humanity against aggressors who cannot

    defend against it and the Humbleness not to boost about

    the Power he holds. In doing so He will gain Harmony both

    with his Art and his Life. PEDOY/DEROBIO Creed
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    Kamusta ka na....I have been following this thread with interest and a personal one at that, Mr. Jordan is a comrade of mine and I find it a bit distasteful that a personal attack has been waged on his character by supposed brethren of Derobio.

    He, Mr. Jordan simply posted the words of his teacher Regional High Chief Daniel Medina and then when confronted with half truths and meanderings from others who obviously do not know Mr. Jordan personally but claim to, one must throw up a bright red FLAG!

    I have spoke with Mr. Jordan after this attack on his character and he swears to me that he has never met nor attended a function where Mr. Siangco was present. I would be interested in knowing how Mr. Siangco comes to such a conclusion.

    It saddens me to see these great arts belittled and diminished by those who may have other agendas that rule their very essence within said arts. With that being said I have reviewed the posts by Mr. Jordan and by Mr. Siangco and truth be told I see only one threat and that is by Mr. Siangco who said and I quote

    " GM Ty and Batikan Eddie Pedoy will read this and the post above. Besides me, this is two men you do not want to make angry"

    Now perhaps there was no cruel intention within said words but to me I would consider this a veiled threat and I would personally take offense and caution when dealing with people who blatantly throw these types of offerings out. Those whom issue such words should also understand that a sword has two edges and what comes out of their pie hole may just as easy be thrown back at them in SPADES.

    I do understand that this is a family oriented forum and I respect that, after all we are on someone else's home turf here, meaning that of the moderators who obviously take cart blanche with who they deem to have made a threat, which is their prerogative as moderators. Where I have reason of concern is that some personal attacks are not accounted for where others are, an unfair playing ground to say the least.

    For those of you who venture to the mother lands of these arts, meaning the Philippines, Indonesia, Sumatra etc. where threats are handled old ways and many holes have been filled on the jungle floors by those who choose to take that step where life and limb are at stake due to their personal misgivings and constant diarrhea of the mouth I find this little tet a tet to be minor to say the least.

    Now you may ask "who the F*** is this guy?" Answer I am me and being be me I will not stand down when someone talks shite about a friend who obviously has more to offer than mere words. Call me what you wish, belittle me all you want to me that is merely a pot calling a kettle black and shows true lack of the late great Maestro Peter Urban once said "an insult is only yours if you accept it" and I will not accept it nor will Mr. Jordan. If you choose to call my character into play so be it or my credentials so be it, to me that is as bothersome as gum stuck to my shoe, a simple scrape will take it off. I stand by my words %100 if it offends the powers that be you have my gracious and most humble apologies, but it is time for people to start telling it like it is without fear of reprisals from somewhere across a cyber connection.

    I, like Mr. Jordan take these art's very seriously. I do not look at them as a mere sport or a way to make money etc. (take that how you will), I view them as life. I have dedicated, perceviered, sweat, bled, traveled, sacrificed and used my knowledge to save my white ass on many occasions. Am I bragging? NO, far from it, I speak the truth, if you disagree that is on you.

    I represent Master Yuli Romo Jr. of BaHad Zu'Bu Mangtaas Baraw, I have also studied the Pekititirsia system for several years with the likes of Grand Tuhon Gaje, Maginoo Tim Wade and other high ranking pekiti folk, I like Mr. Jordan (who is highly advanced in Kuntao and Silat) am also a student of a prominent Guro in Baringin Sakti Harimau, another teacher who has ran the gamut in a political abyss but tolerates NO agenda. Some may call these people archaic, some may call them crazy but I will admit to one thing, they will come correct as will my brethren within BaHad Zu'Bu & Ka'Li Ilustrisimo. They tell it like it is and they bring the truth that is evident to them, I think it is high time that more people do the same.

    To the moderators I understand if this post gets me file thirteen-ed (banned)..that as I said is your prerogative but I truly find this thread and this attack on my friend, brother, and a man that has more integrity in his little finger than most do in their entire bodies to be a bit beyond the norm.

    As my teacher master Yuli once told me;

    "you cannot take combat arts baptized in blood and turn them into flowers"

    This is truth, and to those of us with counter clock wise thinking (those who know Maestro and myself will understand this) understand that their is more to the path than the destination and there is more to a warrior than deeming ones self as such, much more!

    If this offends certain people so be it, but to me offense is also a double edged sword!

    PEACE....& salamat

    May the good graces of the gods find you all in great health...

    Punong Guro Michael D. Blackgrave
    BaHad Zu'Bu Mangtaas Baraw
    Western HQ, SATX

    Ipagsama katotohanan (bring truth)
  12. StixMaster

    StixMaster -== Banned ==-

    Please don't waste yourself like that. Now I know that it is obvious that you do not know the history behind Derobio or its creed. I think that all the posturing is not needed. Do your homework first about who is who in Pedoy/Derobio, then give a 'pm' not here on the forums. This is just a place help promote FMA not to do 'battle'. Lets continue to share. Aloha Peace and Poi
  13. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Sir what one man considers wasteful another fruitful. I do not know the DeRobio history nor did I claim such. I merely came to the aid of my friend who was personally attacked and subsequently banned without just reason which obviously means he can not respond. Do not accuse me of posturing when it is obvious that the only posturing came from you, who seems to spew rhetoric only to recant.

    There is no need to do my homework as you so eloquently put it when that subject in reference to DeRobio was never at issue within my post and secondly who are you to tell anything to anybody?

    I will post what I feel necessary if that's okay with you? It is a free country is it not? I will pm when I wish to and to whom I wish to and will not be told what to do by you or anyone, ban me if you wish!

    I understand your intentions to promote harmony within the FMA but I digress, harmony was not offered to Mr. Jordan who simply posted the words of his teacher, which were taken out of context which led to the personal attack upon his character....if you call that positive promotion of FMA then perhaps positive takes a different meaning with you.

    It seems that there are far to many people who pull punches and who simply go along to get along....sad to say but oh so true.

    Good day to you

    PG Michael B
    BaHad Zu'Bu Mangtaas Baraw
    Western HQ, SATX
  14. StixMaster

    StixMaster -== Banned ==-

    We can work it out

    Thank you sir and to you "Have a beautiful Hawaiian Day"!! This was a real misunderstanding by everyone, it can be resolved by those that have the misunderstanding amongst themselves by communicating with one another to reach understanding mutually. As Uncle Henry would say- Aloha Peace and Poi !
  15. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I suggest we wait until we hear again from the principals, Messrs. Jordan and Siangco. I re-opened this thread so that they could discuss the matter. Mr. Blackgrave is calrifying the matter and that is helpful but hearing from the two men involved--hopefully after they clear the issue via phone/e-mail/PM/what-have-you--will be best.

    Stixmaster's productive comments are very much appreciated!

    -FMAT Admin
  16. HC B. Jordan

    HC B. Jordan New Member

    Greetings to Everyone,

    First let me just say thank you to the moderators for allowing me to comment further in regards to this matter. In placing my initial posting which were the words of my teacher it was my goal to share another piece of history regarding exponents of this great art of Derobio.

    In doing so I was blasted and insulted on this forum by a person I have never met before. I will be just as kind and diplomatic towards others, as others are towards me. However I will not endure character assassination attempts, and blatant mistruths about a supposed meeting between myself and Chris Siangco. I think Chris is very mistaken about our having met, and clearly must have mistaken me for someone else. If so then why not simply ask me who I am and if we have ever met before, rather than making this assertion.

    My training and practice of Derobio began in the early 90's in Albuquerque, NM. Directly under RHC Medina, never at any time have I trained under Chris or his family. I always make a point of speaking the truth, and giving an honest representation of the arts I have learned. I do not claim to teach a pure method of anything. I have completed the Derobio syllabus that was taught to me. I have taken this and incorporated it with training I have received in other systems as well. I teach this under the banner of Mandala Mandirigma, 'Essence preserving environment of the Warrior Arts'. This is my person tribute to all those who have taught me and continue to guide me throughout what has been 20 plus yrs of martial practice. In fact on the Derobio website they themselves state “Today Derobio Escrima has incorporated various styles of fighting within its system, keeping its foundation on its original bladed movements.” Is it so unusual to consider that others who have learned this art have also done the same? This statement by the Derobio clan implies evolution and growth to me. Something I have always been encouraged to do as well. Hence the reason I teach what I teach. While still distinguish what is and or isn’t my understanding of Derobio. I consider these arts to be ancestral practices and it is my goal to honor the memory of those who have come before. In fact in the beginning of my classes I always open with the saying 'may our practice honor those who have come before'.

    Derobio is an important and rare treasure to me, just as much as I would imagine it is to Mr. Siangco. I make no claims of family lineage or bloodline. I don't believe that is necessary to establish knowledge of a thing, and knowledge is generally passed on through training not solely through DNA or kinship. Mr. Siangco states that he has trained for many decades in Derobio I respect that, and I would ask that my knowledge, and experiences in this art be respected as well. I proposed an exchange of knowledge with Chris, it is others who have suggested or implied that this be resolved in another fashion. I think there are many ways to address a matter, and I am open to whatever.

    If Chris has a question for me he need only ask respectfully, not in a condescending tone. I don't know the current members of Derobio in Hawaii or California. I don't believe that makes my claim of legitimacy of this art any less. If you would like to meet me then simply ask, and invite me to break bread with you and cross-compare. I will do the same. I welcome other members of this art to share their experiences and knowledge, and I will do the same. Everyone brings something unique to the table. I bring a different flavor so to speak, as does everyone. I am not trying to imitate or mimic anyone. But rather I seek to be myself and to be given room to share my unique insights as well.

    My colleague PG Michael Blackgrave came to my aid as a dear and trusted friend, whom I highly respect and enjoy regular fellowship with. He makes no claim to know everything regarding the history of Derobio, nor do I. However I am quite knowledgeable in this art form and others. My postings were not intended to ignite a flame, or to provoke controversy but merely to make sure that our contributions and practice of this art is not forgotten. We seek to add to the contributions of this style not to deviate from what is truth. As I believe GGM Pedoy would have wanted. I send my respects and best of wishes to all aforementioned instructors, friends, and allies of this great art.

    Thank you everyone for your time and attention.

    Salamat Po,

    High Chief Maestro / Sifu Brandon Jordan
    Derobio Escrima
    Head Instructor of Mandala Mandirigma
  17. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    Arnisador, I agree

    I believe PG Michael B will be in Hawai'i giving a seminar in March of '08. I have read some other reviews, I believe they are in one of the forums. I'm looking forward to attending one should you visit Oahu or if possibly I will try to attend the seminar on the other island.

  18. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Welcome to FMATalk, Mr. Jordan. Thank you very much for your patience with us. :bow:
  19. jus_dann

    jus_dann New Member

    hey brandon, i`ve heard very good things about your FMA work.
    i`d be flattered to be able to crosstrain with you at some point in time.
    seems that we share a few of the same frinds, so i would blindly accept you as a personal friend of my own. sorry to hear of such drama brought your way earlier. you know, at the end of the day, the man that walks with the truth also sleeps well at night. an angery man has to wear the stinch of his arrogants at all times. SMELLS GOOD TO BE BROTHER.
    i hear you walk the walk with the goods in head, heart, and hand.
    MUST BE A GOOD MAN......(aleast thats how i call it in my book)
  20. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    Just realized it was too late to edit my earlier response,

    Stixmaster - great job with maintaining positive vibes.

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