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    I have here the link to everybody see whats going on on a real knife fight. It will erase all your misconception what work in an actual assault. It doesnt look nice but you can seel lot of techniques employed here by the attacker the depender and those who go to help. you can see barricade technique strikes with improvise weapon. and holding too the weapon hand and blade retention by the attacker and the determination to finish the job. you are welcome to post what can you say about it. Enjoy
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    Great video very instructional, If anything this video shows having an equalizer such as a gun or knife could be fruitless, and why empty hand is still very important. Two of the systems I train in have very effective empty hand verses knife or gun techniques. Both Pekiti Tirsia and Kuntao Dumpag practice with such senarios, to move up in rank in Kuntao Dumpag you have to defend against a sharp knife in common self defense positions.
    I can still remember the feel of the sarrated blade against my throat in my first test.

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