Acid-in-face attack

Discussion in 'General' started by arnisador, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. arnisador

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    Acid attack victim: Sunglasses -- and God's hand -- saved my vision

    Other stories out there have some before-and-after photos. This is scary--how does one defend against this? If I saw a woman with a cup of something approaching me I'd figure she was drinking coffee. If I have to avoid everyone with a cup then I just about have to stay inside.
  2. Carol

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    You don't have to avoid are a man.

    These attacks are overwhelmingly against women.
  3. arnisador

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    I'm sorry to report that you've been proven right:
    Another Woman Burned in Horrific Acid Attack

  4. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Woman admits acid attack was self-inflicted

    Vancouver, Wash., police describe an 'upset, shaking, crying, very sad, very sad little girl'

  5. John222

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    This is very odd. May be there exist some jealousy between them. No women, i think will do that with a man. There must be a strong reason behind that. Although she saved her eyesight but what about her face skin.
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