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  1. JasonSilverman

    JasonSilverman New Member

    Greetings All~

    Just curious as to how often you train Abecedario at your schools? Also, do you train each and every one of them or do you focus on one in particular. If so, why? If not, why not?

    Just looking to get some good conversations going, folks!

    Look foward to speaking online :)

    best regards,
  2. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    I teach it daily as a drill type to improve timing-cordination ect.
  3. JasonSilverman

    JasonSilverman New Member

    Hi Monkey,

    Glad to hear that you teach one of the Abecedarios on a daily basis. Can I ask which one you teach? As a Doce Pares Multi Style School, we teach all of the Abecedarios as I find that they each offer something different for the students to absorb.


  4. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    We teach it all.I even have fill of Orig line Conyetes on dvd Mamoye -Cacoye ect.Its an old b/w & I think I still have many semirs of Cacoye & the tape set of Deoncey when he was with that incompitant P.Greg Alland.He was exspelled for send me a rank certificate say for title rank (FULL PLEDGED MASTER)that is not a rank I recognise & he tried that with Tirsa aslo Saying FULL PLEDGED MASTER.Both Cacoye & Gaji lost it.This is why his move to eslwere.I still have copied of exspulsion from Gaji & lost the one Cacoye sent me.
  5. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I just ended my study of Eskrido (due to a move). We didn't do a drill by this name.
  6. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-


    Thats totaly cacoye.Deoncey & Mamoy didnt do that. I teach some of it.As I see Cacoye a great fighter & anyone great or even good ,they have some thing to offer.
  7. JasonSilverman

    JasonSilverman New Member

    My Doce Pares curriculum comes from GM Diony Canete and Master Dong Cuesta - Abecedario has always been an active part of our training. We originally spent most of our time on Abecedario Uno and Dos then after a good amount of training time with GM Diony, we added the other Abecedarios to our teachings :)

    best regards,
  8. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    Cool sounds like a good work out.Dioncey or Diony has us do lost os spada y daga
  9. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Member

    I practiced Doce Pares with the Patalinghug family in Maryland, USA. (I think they're most closely aligned with GM Cacoy's Doce Pares, though there are still difference in the 12 angles, etc.) We trained abecedarios basically every class.

    I'm curious though. You asked if we trained all the abecedarios. Could you outline what each abecedario set is? I have no idea whether we trained all of them. Or even whether the ones we did matched the ones done by either of the Canete groups.

    Thanks very much.


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