A Vicitim of Knife hold up

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  1. I would like to share my personal experiences in the Philippines that happened in evening of 1994 right at the heart of the Industrial Center of Makati City, Metrol Manila Philippines. It was late in the evening after I got out from a business meeting in one of the Corporate office about 11:00pm.This is about 11:00pm

    The elements of Surprise:

    I was in my Barong Tagalog business suites with an Attache case filled with corporate paper but inside the case was a BANK CHECK, in big amount. My attache case was inside but the knife is the best.

    .Outside the office there was the street Pasaeo De Roxas that Passenger Taxi pick up passengers.

    Without hesitation I signaled for the Taxi and there the Taxi stop in front of me. I went inside the Taxi . But mostly of the Taxi have defected door that it was hard to lock from the inside. After couple of stops, there was a sudden entry of two people one on my left and one on my right. On my right the man pointed a Balisong in my side telling me that it was a hold up, then I responded immediately I said these two I am also a Hold upper I just got our from the Bank. The the guy on my right with Balisong opened he thrust the knife to my right along my right pocket. .The Balisong with a threaded back caught my pants that he has the hard time pulling up. The noticing that he got a hard time pulling, I pushed the guy on left towards the false door. So he feel into the ground and then I followed together with my attache case. The fellow that stab me first he was stunned that
    when I go out he followed me started thrusting the knife that I used my attache case us my protection. One time my Balisong caught my Barong and slice all the front part . He continued attacking and at this time since it was dark , my only means was to protect myseld with the case.
    In short he was not able to rob means there was care that came with the lights and he ran.

    The experiences I had this situation was I didn't rattle, I didn't panic. I used my common sense./ I used control of the situation and estimate in pushing the other fellow out , I used my common sense to push the other fellow., with preparation for any actions.

    It is our moral responsiblity to equipp ourselves with all the training because anytime you can meet the same experience I had and you won't regret.
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    Your attache case! That's great use of an improvised weapon. I'm glad you weren't hurt!

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