A short history of Shuriken

Discussion in 'Marksmanship Arts' started by Carol, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Carol

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    A very interesting, and scholarly article on the history of Shuriken. The article covers not only Shuriken but also weapons more modern that were inspired by the Shuriken, such as the Fleshette used by the French.

    If you like edged weapons, you may find this to be a fascinating read. :)
  2. arnisador

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    I found this very interesting! There is so much I don't know about projectile weapons.
  3. Phil Mar Nadela

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    Ate (sister), Do you practice projectile weapons(filipino,french etc.) ? Or do you know anyone who does? I find it very intersting. I thought it was a dead art.

  4. Carol

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    Brother Phil,

    I don't practice them at the moment, however I've been thinking about taking up the study. There is an archery range not far from me. I've never tried archery and was thinking it might be something interesting to try this fall or winter. That actually got me thinking about other projectile weapons as well.

    It is a very interesting study indeed. :bow:

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