A Review of the Chinese Dao Sword By Brian Garvin and Jeff W

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    A Review of the Chinese Dao Sword By Brian Garvin and Jeff W
    By Bob Hubbard - 01-27-2010 11:56 PM


    A Review of the Chinese Dao Sword
    By Brian Garvin and Jeff W

    The Chinese Dao Sword is a specific category of Sword relatively long, curved Single Edge Weapon used for chopping and slashing opponents in battle. The English call this a Broadsword because some variations of this weapon come with very long blades. There are 4 major weapons in China. One is the Dao. The 2nd major Chinese Weapon is called the Gun, but a gun in Chinese isn't what you may know as the term gun, it is a lengthy Chinese Staff Weapon they use when practicing the Chinese Martial Arts. The other two are the Qiang, which is a Chinese Spear and the Jian which is another term that means sword.

    The term Dao doesn't just single out a specific type of sword. The term broadly represents any broad bladed tools used for cutting or slicing. However, on a daily basis it is generally referred to as a knife. If just one weapon is used it is known as the Dan Dao. The days of the Shang Dynasty during the Chinese Bronze Age are the earliest dates this weapon was known. Korea and Japan also started using these weapons during the Tang Dynasty.

    The Shoudao was one type of Infantry Dao which was a weapon used for chopping things and that had a Clip Point and was used in the days of the Song Dynasty. You will find some pictures of these weapons as straight, and some other illustrations that define them as curved blades. The Chinese were invaded by the Mongols during the 13th century. China was influenced then by the Yuan Dynasty as well as other military factions back then.

    Back then the Sabre was used by the Mongol Calvary. The Sabre was a one handed sword with a curved blade. In addition to the main 4 types of Dao discussed earlier, the "Short Dao" also had it's place on the battle fields which was a compact weapon. The Chinese used the Spear and Dao in its military ranks, since they were cheaper to produce and the training required to use them was a much smaller learning curve.

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    Various types of Dao

    Types of Dao
    1. Liuyedao (Willow leaf Sword/Knife/Saber)

    2. Yanmaodao (Goose Quill Sword/Knife/Saber)
    3. Dadao (Big Sword/Knife/Saber)
    4. Niuweidao (Oxtail Sword/Knife/Saber)
    5. Changdao (Long Sword/Knife/Saber)
    6. Zhanmadao (Horse Chopping Sword/Knife/Saber) 2
    7. Miaodao (Corn Leaf Sword/Knife/Saber)
    8. Nandao (Southern Sword/Knife/Saber)
    9. Piandao (slicing Sword/Knife/Saber)
    10. Kwandao (after General Kwan)


    The Jian which is not a Dao


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