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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by ombak1, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. ombak1

    ombak1 New Member

    What is the difference between Doce Pares & Kombatan styles?
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I moved this to where it could get more attention. Welcome to the forum!

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  3. armas

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    Doce Pares is from Cebu and is still one of the more known Eskrima or FMA groups in the World. They have a variety of systems they teach from Blade orientation to Stick orientation and not the forget WEKAF or sports aspect that encourages continous full contact fighting with single olisi or double olisi. It is one of the oldest groups in the FMA community. Headed by the Canete clan. It is the most known FMA system out there. Please check their website.

    Kombatan is the brainchild of GGM Ernesto Presas Sr. It teaches all aspects from weapons to emptyhand. It is not as old as the Doce pares system. THe art comes from Negros Occidental.

    It will only depend on you which one you want to learn. If you have any interest you can PM me on Kombatan. I will give you information.

    All FMA Arts are good. There are no bad ones. It will only depend on you.
  4. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I agree with the above. Also, Kombatan has some Japanese Karate influence; Doce Pares (Eskrido) has Japanese jujutsu/aikijutsu/aikido influence, but other Doce Pares arts don't. Doce Pares definitely has some variation in it.

    You'll find more blade emphasis in DP and more stick emphasis in Kombatan.
  5. armas

    armas Junior Member

    If you notice it's not only kombatan. Even GM Remy has a lot of Japanese influence. In the Anyo be it emptyhand or stick forms. There is nothing wrong with it. If it helps the art evolve. Some find it wrong. But we cannot deny the roots or influences of our instructor's background. If it works it does not matter what the origin is. What matters is self preservation thru martial arts. All martial arts are good.
  6. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Yes, Modern Arnis, which I practice, has strong influences of Shotokan (most notable in the anyos) and Wally Jay's Small Circle Jujutsu. No, I don't find it wrong at all! Indeed, I think of Eskrido when I think of DP as I studied it briefly and so I think of both of these arts as having Japanese influences.

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