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Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by The Game, Dec 23, 2006.

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    Well, the unfortunate fact is that Tim tends to draw even more criticism then a lot of people due to his visability. He is a very visable guy for a Filipino Martial Artist. Not many people have his seminar schedule or a school where FMA (Modern Arnis) is taught as the foundation. The more in the spot light you are, the more people talk about you. I guess that's why mags like enquirer and US weekly stay in business! ;)
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    Tim Hartman


    Tim called me last year just to introduce himself and ended up shooting the breeze with me for over an hour. I found him affable and cordial. When I asked him why Modern Arnis seemed so political compared to other martial arts he admitted to some past errors in judgement but also made the point that a lot of things happened a long, long time ago. He was also frank about his opinion of some people but never engaged in any personal attacks or insulted anyone that he talked about.

    Aside from an email or two a couple of years ago and this conversation, this is the only contact that I've had with Tim. I'd certainly sit down to eat and drink with him, given the opportunity, based upon my limited contact with him. Maybe there are some others, somewhere, that should put their differences behind them and do the same.


    Steve Lamade
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    Since I am part of the WMAA and a member of its advisory board I rarely speak out on political issues because what I say appears to be just a company man blindly supporting his organization. This is not the way it is in the WMAA. Am I loyal to the WMAA and Tim Hartman? Yes. Is Tim my friend? Yes. The reason for this is because he has earned it.
    Tim has helped more people in the martial arts than anyone I know, with most of it out of the public eye. He has given many their shot in the spotlight as a headline instructor and has made his school available to others for seminars and meetings and most of the time at no cost. This also includes those who speak out against him. Most of these people are a group of wana-be's in the Buffalo area that all feel have been dissed by Datu Hartman in some way or another and make childish statements on the web while crying on each others shoulders about how they've been wronged. Instead of using Tim's notarity to to draw more attention to their own group and make the Modern Arnis community stronger, they just try and knock him down.
    We are out there trying to do our part for Modern Arnis, and in a positive way.
    So to all those who have a problem with the WMAA, Datu Hartman or any of us, you know where we are. Come see us, and bring a stick.


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