A question about Balintawak and Pekiti Tirsia

Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by mi1990, Jan 14, 2011.

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    I would like to know the similarities and differences of Balintawak and Pekiti Tirsia as both seem to focus on close range fighting.
  2. NAGA

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    I will try my best.....

    I do not do Pekiti tirsia perse but, I do Balintawak as well as the PTK related family art of DTS. Nevertheless, the ranges are slightly different and Balintawak tends toward being heavily stick (impact weapon) oreintated within the close range. Balintwak also has a very sophisticated system (for lack of a better word ) of "exploiting" opponents reactions or better yet overreactions to given techniques. Tortal family (PTK, DTS) are heavily blade orientated both sword (Ginunting and Talibong) and Knife. Its Forte is penetrating from long range too close thirds and again penetrating the opponent with the edged weapon. That, and a heavy dosage of footwork to boot.

    The common bond between both arts are power striking and raw physicality......hope that helps a little.

  3. Rich Parsons

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    I teach Balintawak, have seen some PTK and DTS people move and teach and even worked with a few a couple of times.

    I would echo John's Comments, about Balintawak being Stick Oriented, and the words I use are an Optimized system for Stick Dueling. It does baiting and set ups and uses counter striking methods to set up your strikes. The PTK and DTS are more blade oriented and to avoid injury to oneself the range is slightly different as one has to clear the blade edge.

    Now, obviously, PTK and DTS have empty hand teachniques and even stick technqiues and they translate well once you look at the different range and body position and also the attributes of the weapon you are using.

    The same can be said for Balintawak, one can translate it back to Blade work, the big differences here would be range to clear the blade edge and the managing, monitoring and delaying of the opponents cane can no longer be done directly on the opponents weapon it has to move to the opponents hand, for obvious reasons of not wanting to touch the blade edge.

    So why not just train for using the empty hand or off hand on the opponents hand instead?

    See my comment about optimized Stick Dueling, and understand it is harder for a person to read the contact from an inanimate object then from direct contact to your body. The opponent may not even know of your presence during the monitoring, and also maynot feeling your management, and be confused why their stick is not going exactly where they want it to go. (* A comment I have heard, "Give me back my stick!!" *) Note: This is not stick grabbing, which is done and can be done, this is placing your hand on the stick to feeling and understand the motion.

    Why would anyone care about this feeling of a stick and how would it help your overall training?

    Once you are able to read an inanimate object, going back to an animate object just makes it that much easier, and your empty hand and grappling (* both stand up and ground *) improve.

    More info on the Balintawak side, yet that is what I know, so I commented more there.

    I hope this helps.
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    John and Rich, enjoyed reading your posts on the two arts. Very well done.

  5. NAGA

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    Hello Shaun,
    This time I did not have a dyslexia issue spelling your name! shoot me a PM or email when you get the chance....

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    The biggest difference is that Bobby Taboada is more handsome than Leo Gaje, Jr. :ladysman:

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    Hello Robert,
    I second this opinion!
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    I will be there tomorow january 29 2011 for seminar at David Ng's Modern Arnis kung fu school in ralliegh NC. Starts at 10;00 am. I will see you there and have a good fun training.

    GM Bobby Taboada
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    It was a very success day at david ng's seminar. I have a great time teaching them and enjoy tru the end of the day. I would like to say to everybody who attended the event, thank you all for your warm and a deep hearth support for the seminar specially to the host, master david ng and roland rivera. Thanks to my qualified assistant instructor brian corey, also with the help of jeef soriano balintawak completion. I will see you guys in july or august for the balintawak camp.

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