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Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by KMAA, Jul 22, 2008.

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    This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting Grand Tuhon Tortal at our school in the northernwestern suburbs of Chicago. The seminar was a private seminar to introduce our students to DTS Kali and Grand Tuhon Tortal.

    The feedback we received has been extremely positive. Grand Tuhon Tortal took the time to explain the history of DTS as well as his background. Grand Tuhon Tortal worked with each student individually on the techniques he taught them.

    I would also like to thank Guro Bednarski for coming up and assisting with the instruction.

    The energy was very positive from both Grand Tuhon Tortal and Guro Bednarski. And the students thoroughly enjoyed learning the DTS Kali martial art. We have received several inquiries from our students asking when we will be offering this martial art at our school.

    The seminar was extremely successful, and we would like to thank Grand Tuhon Tortal & Guro Bednarski for taking the time to introduce our students to DTS Kali.

    Lastly, we would like to thank Guro Snow for taking the time to speak with us (and answer our many questions). Guro Snow assisted us with setting up this seminar. Without Guro Snow's assistance this seminar would not have been possible.

    On behalf of our students and us, thanks so much to Grand Tuhon Tortal, Guro Snow, & Guro Bednarski for introducing DTS Kali to our students and making this seminar such a succsess!

    Patrick & Marie Kennedy
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    Both GM Nene and John are class acts. But we do need to know how much "air time" John logged this time. He is collecting frequent flyer points, although it is the landings that get to him.:biggrinbo

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    Glad you had a great time and we look forward to having him up to Michigan in October! [​IMG]
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    Hello Everyone,
    I in return would like too thank Patrick and Marie Kennedy for being wonderful and gracious hosts. Also, I cannot praise the students enough who participated and gave it their all. The energy was nothing but positive, and I did as usual log air time (Thanks Shaun). So, if you are in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago looking for an excellent school I can highly recommend this school, and I hope Mr. Kennedy will post his school web address on here for people to see it. Nevertheless, there is a link at www.DTSkali.com and welcome to our expanding family Patrick , Marie and Shaina Kennedy.


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