6 killed in Metro over 2 days after gun ban lifting

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  1. More bad news :(

    The reason I post this is the Seaman getting shot in broad daylight on a semi-busy street street was caught on CCTV. They played it on last night's news. It's not online and also some of the shootings they play on the news (like cops shooting people running away) are not to be found online.

    Two guys were waiting for a Jeepney. A bike pulled up with two guys wearing crash helmets. They got off and went straight to one of the guys. The other ran off. The jeepney on the other side of the street sped off as the guy was fumbling in his pockets and shot. No way did I see him "Fighting them off".

    I was watching it thinking from a self-defense perspective what could we do? The only thing I thought of is heightened awareness but if you are with your wife / kids for example it only increases the danger. I wish I could see the video again as I want to see if the guy was giving them any reason to shoot (i.e they thought he had a weapon) or not. Maybe he was not being too passive? I don't know :(

    The German getting killed was also bad. Apaprently it was right outside the Shangrila (a good area in Manila) at 7am - a busy time. Makes you wonder....

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    The Shangrila is the one located in Makati??? That was a safe place before with a lot of Police showing there... The german guy has also a Pinoy or spanisch name!!!! Thats really bad, and as you say what can we do if we are with our kids or family ???....
  3. Hi Karl,

    Yes, that's the one. Talk is it was a premeditated hit by somebody with a grievance.

    Also it occurred to me that they're trying to use the gun ban as an excuse. I think there was 10 murders or more during the elections when the gun ban was in force...

    Other than trying to be more alert and not trying to piss somebody off who might shoot you / get you shot the only thing I can think of is to carry a firearm.
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    Ah, a Darwin Award winner!

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