5 Attacks Subsystem Video Ready for Download

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    Hi Folks,

    The 5 Attacks Subsystem is now being offered for download on the Pekiti-Tirsia International store page: http://www.pekiti.com/ptistore/store.php

    To get this hour and a half video into a file less than a gigabite in size (779 mb), I had to reduce the resolution. I labeled this video as 5 Attacks for Mobile Devices because at this resolution it plays ok on ipads and smaller screens, but would look a bit fuzzy on your big screen TV. This video is still being offered on DVD, if you prefer that format. I am in the process of making downloadable versions of all the PTI videos you see offered on the store page. This should help students overseas who have complained about the high prices and long shipping times of the US postal service.

    Tuhon Bill McGrath

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