40,000 Protest on Facebook about Electricity Prices!

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  1. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Protest-against-MERALCO-electricity-price-hike/108570395847404

    It's outrageous. Our electricity bill is usually between 2.5 - 3k Pesos a month ($50 - $75) for two of us. Recently I thought something was amiss when our latest bill was 7.9k (about $180) :( I thought somebody was stealing it.

    Turns out that Meralco (the electricity board) had hiked up the prices for Summer!

    Article continues at http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquir...68139/Power-revolt-brewing-over-Meralco-bills.

    Life's never dull in the Philippines - apart from the "brownouts" LOL
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    On FB, 40,000 isn't a very big number--they'll need more supporters to make their point!
  3. Apparently they're decreasing prices for May so it might have had some effect. However, the really hot weather has passed now and it's started raining again so people can live without AC.

    Think they've got bigger things to worry about with the elections On Monday - which is probably why they hiked it in the first place....:(

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