3rd Annual CT FMA Gathering

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    Hi Everyone,

    Coming up now on the 3rd Annual Connecticut Eskrimadors Gathering. The first two times, we held the event at Kent Falls State Park in Kent CT. I love that place, but I want to hold it a bit closer to me ( as Kent is a couple hours from where I am ) but still have it in an area that isn't too far from everyone else. This years event will be in Rocky Hill CT, which is pretty much the dead center of CT. We will be at Dinosaur State Park. I have brought my kids there a few times and it is a wonderful place. There is a fee to go into the meuseum itself, but I am pretty sure the museum grounds are free for whomever wants to hang out. They have picnic tables and grills if anyone wants to bring food also. It will be informal. I will be teaching Balintawak for whoever wants to learn or just play.

    The 1st FMA Gathering, it was just us Balintawak there. The 2nd, it was us and some people from Sikaran attended. There are not many of us in CT, but we are all here and not too far from eachother. Modern Arnis, PTK, Balintawak, Inosanto Blend, etc. We're all here, and this is just a free event so we can meet other eskrimadors, so let's not let it slip by.

    As people show interest , and the days go by, I can add more information as to schedule. IE I can teach Balintawak the entire time. We can all do little 1 hour workshops if there are more teachers present. We can all just cross sticks and play round robin.................

    One more thing. NO BLADES. This is a family park. Eskrimadors with trainer blades playing in Ayala Park in Cebu City may be a normal thing, but we my scare people here in CT, so please do not take them out of your bag.

    Hope to meet you all soon.

    Jonathan Leonard
    W.O.T.B.A.G. USA New England Chapter

    When: Saturday, September 1st 2012
    What: FMA ( Balintawak and hopefully more :) )
    Who : Jonathan Leonard and hopefully others :)
    Where: Dinosaur State Park , Rocky Hill CT

  2. fangjian

    fangjian Jo Dong

    Update: Our club will get there for 9am.

    We can start between 9-9:30am. Take a 1-2 hour lunch break ( also time to go into the museum if interested. If everyone is still interested we can continue training after the break. Training time will be somewhere between 2-6 hours, depending on the energy level of everyone.
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    fangjian Jo Dong

    Finally made a video from the event. Wish I hired a camera person to get more footage. Ahh we'll. Enjoy.


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