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    Tuhon McGrath,
    3 questions...

    1(Have you ever used your skills in pekiti tirsia in real life situations?
    2)Do you teach pre-conflict awareness or situational awareness ?
    3)I purchased the demo tape and loved it. As a beginner, which PTI DVD would you reccommend that I buy?

    Thanks so much for your time,
  2. TuhonBill

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    Hi Jim,

    Three excellent questions. Here are my answers.

    1. Yes, mostly in my work as a NY State court officer. The majority of the instances have been empty hand encounters in which I used Pekiti-Tirsia locks and entry techniques which are closest to the *approved* techniques taught at our academy, (spiced up with some PT footwork of course).

    2. I like to teach this using real life examples. Here's one.
    One of my students was visiting a relative who lived in one of the rougher neighborhoods of NYC. As he entered the building he made note of an alcove off to his left containing rows of mail boxes for the building's tenants; with a single light bulb set above the boxes for illumination. He then climbed a flight of stairs and had his visit with his relative. When he started to go back down the stairs after his visit, he saw that the light in the mail alcove was off. Suspecting that someone with evil intentions had unscrewed the bulb, he immediately drew a small but powerful tactical flashlight from his pocket and shined it down the stairs. As he neared the alcove he saw someone trying to hide against its back wall, so he called out in a loud, commanding voice, "Can I help you sir?” Now you have to know a bit about modern American street thugs to understand the reaction, because in their experience there is only one job title that routinely addresses bad guys as *sir* in that kind of situation. “Ah, no officer, I’m was just leaving.” My student was not a police officer and was wearing casual cloths, but the combination of the bright light blinding the bad guy and the loud commanding voice saying the right words told the bad guy that he had made a mistake and had best get out of there.

    I also teach *after action* techniques such as checking yourself for injuries after a fight, even if you don’t think you’ve been hurt. I even tell my students that it’s not a bad idea after a serious incident to find a brightly lit store, tell the owner you’ve the victim of a criminal attack and ask that he look at your back for blood or any other signs of injury that you can’t see yourself. You would be surprised how bad an injury you can receive and, under the influence of adrenaline, not even know you’ve been stabbed or shot.

    3. I would recommend the Y-5 set found in the PTI store. This set has four DVDs that show basic empty hand, single stick, double stick and hand vs. knife techniques and are designed to show the first year of curriculum in PTI. The set also comes with membership in Pekiti-Tirsia International, which gives you discounts on further DVD purchases and on events such as the upcoming PTI summer camp.

    Tuhon Bill McGrath
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    Sorry to pry Tuhon... but would you be willing to share instances where it wasn't empty-hand encounters? :D
  4. jckailatstudent

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    I hope this is not too personal, but would any PTI practicioners share how they had to use their skills in real situations and even more important, how he/she used awareness to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

    Many thanks to Tuhon McGrath for answering my questions and providing a great example of awareness that we can all learn from. Learning from these examples and survival principles of awareness and avoidance is one of many factors that separates combat/survival from sport-based study.
  5. TuhonBill

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    Non empty-hand encounter

    I normally don't like to post info on any altercation I've had on the net (no need to leave an evidence trail for any civil suits that may occur), but you'll find a bit about one such event in an interview I did for a book review website.Since this was an "official" documented action, I don't mind sharing it here:


    Tuhon Bill McGrath

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