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    With Tuhon Bill McGrath and the Instructors of PTI

    Morning sessions: Single Stick 64 Attacks (The foundational attacks and timing drills of Pekiti-Tirsia single stick). Beginners may opt to stay on 64 Attacks all day.
    Afternoon sessions: Espada y Daga Level 2 (Attacks, Disarms, Contradas and Recontradas).

    *Discount Registration:
    Before May 1, 2014. $65.00 per day for Non-PTI members, $48.75 per day for PTI Members. (The first ten people to sign up for all four days before May 1st will receive a Cold Steel rubber training knife upon their arrival at the camp).

    *Early Registration:
    Between May 1 and June 1, 2014. $75.00 per day for Non-PTI Members, $56.25 per day for PTI Members.

    Late Registration:
    After June 1, 2014. $100.00 per day for Non-PTI Members, $75.00 per day for PTI Members.

    Door price: $125 per day for all.
    *No refunds given after June 1, 2014
    **No video recording allowed.

    Pavilion 4, Bowdoin Park, 85 Sheafe Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

    Camp Registration can be found on the PTI Store page.

    Hotels: Look for hotels in Fishkill, NY. Students have recommended the larger chain hotels near the intersection of I-84 and Route 9 (Hampton Inn, Ramada, Hilton, etc). Find these on www.Hotels.com
    The nearest airport is Stewart/Newburgh (airport code SWF). The nearest train station is the New Hamburg station on Metro North’s Hudson line. Metro North Schedule.

    Eye protection such as racket ball googles or well fitting, impact resistant safety glasses. Two rattan sticks. Two rubber or plastic training knives. One baseball batter’s glove for your stick hand.
    We will be exercising outdoors during the entire camp. The weather in early June in this part of New York is usually pleasant in the 60′s in the mornings with high temps in the 70′s or 80′s, but we had days during the 2013 camp when it got into the 90′s with high humidity. Bring at least one gallon of water to drink each day, plus some electrolyte drinks or fruit. Bring sunscreen and a sun hat.

    Here's a sample of the material that will be taught at the camp:

    <font size="4">[video=youtube_share;xDL-UBIGRsQ]http://youtu.be/xDL-UBIGRsQ[/video]

    See you at the camp.

    Tuhon Bill McGrath
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    another bit of material to be taught at the camp:
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    Each morning session will work on Solo Baston 64 Attacks:

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    Application of techniques 1 through 22 of the 64 Attacks. 1 to 12 is the first set of the Abcedario. 13 to 22 is the Four Wall drill. Tuhon Gaje would have students in the 1970's in NYC train in 64 Attacks for the first year or two (or three) before moving on to advanced techniques. I remember spending 6 months just on the intricacies of a drill called Break in-Break out (working so long per session that my hand would not open afterward. I had to slide the stick out of it and pry my fingers open). Tom Bisio won the first national Arnis tournament in the Philippines with just 64 Attacks.


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