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    Hi Folks,

    Here are some video clips from my recent seminar in Turku, Finland.


    Guro Kaj Westersund leads the class in some basic knife attacks.


    A hand vs knife drill from the seminar in Turku, Finland. One line are the attackers holding their knives in a variety of grips. The other line practices basic parries against these grips. Every few seconds the defenders slide down the line, so that the attacker and the grip he is using changes.


    Students practicing a defense against a single leg take down.


    As usual in Pekiti Tirsia, footwork is the key to this technique.


    Guro Kaj Westersund shows a technique from the 3rd set of Solo Baston Seguidas.

    Guro Westersund is PTI's Director for Finland and did an outstanding job of hosting the seminar. I'll gladly return next year.

    Tuhon Bill McGrath

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