2009 Pacific Island Tournament in Chicago?

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by yomitche, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    I didn't get alot of pics due to officiating but here's some of what I have:



    Honorable mention awards given out by Chris Renfroe


    Grand Champion and Fighter of the day awards with the judges

    Winners of the Combat Knife division

    Glen Young of the Backyard Brotherhood declares "I LIKE IT!"

    "Yes, it is cold in Chicago in Octoberrrrrr"

    "This is for 1st place boy!"

    Brother and sister!

  2. Sabraxas

    Sabraxas New Member

    Here are some fights from the tournament. Enjoy.


  3. Jhun_Occidental

    Jhun_Occidental New Member

    Thanks to everyone and it was a great tournament and seminar.
  4. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Junior Member

    Newbie here in Illinois from the PI and dying to meet fellow arnisadors here! Had I known about this event earlier, I would have loved to attend and participate!

    I totally enjoyed the pictures and videos! Great job! Hats off to the organizers!

    Will there be another event next year? I would love to go!
  5. billc

    billc New Member

    dts kali

    Littlebadboy, look up Dekiti Tirsia kali on this site, and check out the midway kodenkan. The kodendan is where the tournament was held, and there is an ongoing DTS kali class there as well.

  6. tswolfman

    tswolfman Member

    anyone know if and when 2010 is schudeled for? I would like to attened i just never know soon enoough to plan for it
  7. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    August 14, 2010!

    Hello All,
    Well, we are on for the PIG AT Midway Kodenkan for August 14th 2010! A date I think everyone should keep open and start planning for now.

    Thanks everyone,
  8. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Junior Member

    thank you for the info. definitely looking forward for that next year. how much are the fees?

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