2008 WEKAF National Tournament

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by junior eskrimador, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. junior eskrimador

    junior eskrimador Expect the Unexpected

    This past weekend Feb. 15-17, 2008 was the WEKAF National Tournament. If anyone had gone I want to hear if there was any good forms and fight and what did you think of the tourney.
  2. excalibur

    excalibur New Member

    Check Youtube for some action: search doce pares, or wekaf 2008
    Also, there was another tournament held at Disneyland Sat. Feb. 16
    under the Filipino Martials Division promoted by Master Tibon. My son (9) competed on both tournament. My son enjoyed every moment of it,
    specially at the Disneyland tournament at the Anaheim Convention Center. I think all the descipline of martial arts was represented here. It's amazing to see the young generation putting together amazing martial arts forms with a combination of gymnastic and xtreme martial arts.
    Hopefully, somebody will share some videos to this site. I know I will as soon as I get my videos together.
  3. Turk2

    Turk2 New Member

    I was there. There were approx 175 competitors from around the country. The venues were Cal Poly Pomona and Mt San Antonio College and the awards banquet was held at Mountain Meadows Country Club. Those that finished 1st and 2nd in their divisions will represent the USA as a member of the National Team. This team will travel to Cebu in July for the 10th Wekaf World Championships. 30-35 countries from around the world are expected to compete at the 10th World championships.

    the form competition took place on Friday 2/17. There were many spectacular performances, but one that sticks out was the Carenza done by Precious Garcia from tae kali do. Search wekaf on youtube to view her performance.

    Single and Double stick fighting took place on Saturday and Sunday.There were many great fights, the team fighting competition was very intense and brought the house down.

    The only downside to the competition was that there were some delays and mixups in some of the divisions, but most of those issues were taken care of.

    All in all it was a good competition, a lot of comraderie, and we will have a very strong team to send to the P.I. thyis summer.

  4. De Campo JDC-IO

    De Campo JDC-IO Junior Member

    Here might be a silly question but, After someone qualifies for the event in the Philippines, who has to pay for the flight? Is it the individual, his/her school or WEKAF?
  5. Turk2

    Turk2 New Member

    That cost is the responsibility of the individual and/or the school. Wekaf works with some travel agents to try an secure a reasonable price for its members. The time between nationals and the worlds gives the members time to do their fundraising and also find sponsorships for their trip.

  6. excalibur

    excalibur New Member

    It is a very costly tournament for the World WEKAF going to Cebu, Philippines. I think mostly, its an individual effort to get there, unless,
    the school or individuals have there own sponsorship. Also, I hope
    WEKAF comes up with a better awards, (trophies, plague, medals, etc.)
    The awards given to the USA Nationals 2008 was very poor. It means a great deal, but nothing really to show for. WEKAF need to give better awards at these tournament, families pays alot on these tournaments. I just hope they give better awards at the World Championship.
  7. StixMaster

    StixMaster -== Banned ==-

    Yes I agree that its time for organizations such as WEKAF to make their awards more memorable like the Disney medals. Perhaps a Filipino theme for the awards. The cost to travel to Phillippines truly could be a burden to many students. Another peeve I have is that the cost of seminars are going up with what the American economy is like a promoter may have to lower prices.
  8. tellner

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    I note with considerable pleasure that the team coached by my good friend and Unindicted Co-Conspirator Mushtaq Ali Al-Ansari did very, very well.

    Mariah Moore won the silver medal in single stick and gold medals in double stick and Traditional Forms.

    Cole Van Harn earned gold medals in full contact single stick and double stick.

    Steve Van Harn took the gold in Traditional Forms. He could not compete in fighting this year because of a persistent shoulder injury but qualifies for Cebu as a returning Champion.

    All three will be heading to the Philippines for the World Championships.
  9. Carol

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    FANTASTIC! That is great news!!
  10. excalibur

    excalibur New Member

    Are there anyone else here or know of someone who went to WEKAF-USA National Championship 2008 and are very happy what they received as far as awards given to them? I am trying to get some opinion before making a commitment to enter the WEKAF World Championship in Cebu, Philippines.
  11. Turk2

    Turk2 New Member

    wekaf championships

    I have competed, coached and judged in the wekaf nationals and world championships since 2004. 2004 and 2006 national champions received gold medals for first place. This year (2008) the national champions received a plaque. I personally like the award very much, and spoke with many who felt the same. In Cebu in 2004 the world champions received a beautiful "mother of pearl" plaque inlaid with a gold wekaf emblem, official seal of Cebu and other things. To be honest, it's not about the type of award we get. Most of us who travel and compete in these national and world events do so because we love the art, we love to compete and test our skill against the best. I teach my students ( and I am not the only one) that it is not about winning or losing or what type of award they receive, but more so about doing your best, being honorable in victory and defeat etc.
    Wekaf gives us an opportunity to compete against other countries in somewhat of an Olympic type atmosphere and for many, a sense of pride knowing that you are representing your country. Whether awards are given or not would not does not matter much. The experience itself is priceless.

  12. Doce Pares Vic

    Doce Pares Vic New Member

    Hey new too this but my school went and they did great http://www.doceparesusa.com/ I qualified to go but my family and Teacher told me not too go Long Story<<<www.myspace.com/vicdocepares but I will be at the WEKAF World Championship in Cebu, Philippines good luck to all who go
  13. Turk2

    Turk2 New Member

    Congrats to your school. You guys from pima are very good, very honorable. I always look forward to watching you guys fight. See you in Cebu.

  14. reydominguez1

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    check out you tube...kali sports
    and maybe try it for new avenue....

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