"1st Dan Blackbelt Modern Military Pekiti Tirsia"

Discussion in 'Pekiti-Tirsia Kali' started by Malapitan, Dec 30, 2008.

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    No its not just you, and its not just the Pekiti-Tirsia...the guy claims too many black belts and most of the arts look like they are made up

    UK's only Full Combat Technologies (ComTech) Instructor! ComTech European Representative.
    American Bladecraft Bowie Knife Instructor
    Riddle of Steel Graduate
    4th Degree Blackbelt International Instructor/Examiner, & Technical Director for Self Defence training to the UK TaeKwon-Do Federation
    3rd Dan Blackbelt Yoshinkai Bujutsu
    3rd Degree Blackbelt Sul Sa Do
    1st Degree Blackbelt Hapkido
    1st Dan Blackbelt Aikijujutsu
    1st Degree Blackbelt Korean Kempo
    1st Dan Blackbelt Modern Military Pekiti Tirsia
    Native American Fighting Arts Instructor
    Pressure Point Combatives Instructor
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    A little strange? A little made up is more like it. I've never heard of a Pekiti Tirsia black belt (cuz as far as I know it doesn't exist) let alone a 1st Dan. Come on, if you're going to go through the trouble of makeing up ranks at least do some research and use the correct terminology.
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    Maybe our PTK friends can shed some light on the story.
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    The only legitimate martial arts that could really be called the jack of all trades would be the U.S. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program as this is composed of I think about 10 different martial arts. I am sure people who are millionaires pay their security guards to train in 10 or 25 different martial arts but the thing here is that the top security bodyguards don't adversite it and their resume is beyond reproach from one millionaire to another millionaire for security purposes. Haliburtion security guards come to mind as they are throughly trained in different martial arts because of their job description requires it. Another one would be the Playboy manison. I am sure their security guards are top notch guys that work for Hef, The Playboy King and the beautiful ladies that grace the centerfolds every issue of the monthly Playboy subscription. :D
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    I have trained ptk for six years and I have never heard of military ptk and furthermore we don't have belts in pekiti. The only thing we have that gives one any recognition are titles (guro, mandala, mataas na guro etc). At any rate this guy sounds like he isn't legit at all as far as his ptk is. Now as far as his other rankings he may be legit, but the pekiti ranking is bogus.:smash:
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    I am not sure what the word "Dan" means in Japanese but i know one thing...Grand Tuhon would not incidentally put a Japanese word wthing his system. Everyone here that knows him understands that! [​IMG]

    In my system of Kuntao, there is a guy who claims to be 7th Dan. My Kuntao is Filipino. From what I saw, he does not even know anything about Kuntao so he gave himself this rank that I assume impresses people that do not know any better. Its all about the money, man!
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    I have a 6th Dan Black Belt in Some-Flung-Dung. Go figure I learned it from some monkeys at the zoo LOL
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  10. Brock

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    Pfft... Some-Flung-Dung is just a watered down version of Hu-Flu'ng-Poo! I'm an 8th Dan in the art of course.
  11. There is no rank like this in any variant or offshoot of PTK. This guy may have been fooled as well, though. He may have bought into the same kind of smoke and mirrors training that he now sells.
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    Several of his ranks look like bought ranks. Meaning, if you pay such and such to a company they will give you the title. Their are several "orginizations" that do this.
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    I'm dissapointed

    Can I put in my tuppenceworth please?

    I'm always VERY dissapointed when I see people flaming people they have never met or trained with on forums. A friend of mine sent me the link to this post as he thought I should know about it.

    As I have just explained in an email to Phillip Gelenas (who at least emailed me) I trained with an American Chap called Sean McGough back in the late 80's when I was doing some training for the USMC & US Navy (I met many excellent martial artists in that time I'm happy to say). He had created his own CQC system to teach to his unit members at the time. I showed him mine, he showed me his (so to speak). Before he took off for the states he awarded me a 'Graduate' level certificate, which he said was in his system roughly the equivolent of a 1st Dan in TMA's; which I was flattered by. I put 1st Dan on my website as it would mean more to the majority of folks in the UK than 'Graduate'. The majority of folks who go on my website are from TKD / Karate / Kickboxing backgrounds, & the majority of seminar work I get comes from that side of things; putting '1st Dan' rather than 'Graduate' is something they can relate to easier. Sean was a good guy, he was certainly effective in what he did & had an effective little CQC system to teach to his guys.

    I have to say that I take offence at the comment that it looks like I 'bought' most of my ranks. I have been training since 1980, & I have bought NONE of my ranks! Really before you start slinging mud like that at people you should know them first! If I was a cowboy with bought ranks some of the people who repeatedly book me for seminars, some of whom are VERY senior martial artists, wouldn't get me back time & time again. Certainly I'm sure that someone like James A Keating wouldn't have me as a personal student or have certified me as a full instructor in his system if I was a cowboy! I have been training in martial arts for a very long time, & in my younger years I was lucky enough to have circumstances that allowed me to train pretty much full time.

    As to what I teach.... I teach my own system called Tactical Edge, which is the sum of my 29 years of training, & experiences applying that training in real life. I also represent James Keating in Europe, & teach his ComTech system over here. I do not teach Pekiti Tirsia & have never claimed such. My time with Sean was a very small part of the time I have been training & teaching martial arts, but that period of time sparked an interest in the FMA's that has stayed with me to this day. My own system is certainly not some 'watered down' rubbish (as I believe someone summised), & I don't think it would be used by elements of UKSF if it wasn't effective.

    Like I say, I'm pretty dissapointed at some of the things that have been said by people who have never met me or trained with me. Its easy to slate someone on forums (which is generally why I avoid them like the plague), but it would be simple courtesy to actually have some knowledge of them or interaction with them before you start saying they bought their ranks, etc etc.

    Mark Davies
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    If this was from an official martial art organization. I could see where that is possible but there is no substitute for classroom hands on instruction. The rest I would have to say are fake and just out to make money. No real quality control over the materials and the instruction thereof. I really don't know of any that are officially approved mail order martial art lessons from say, karate, judo or jiu jitsu etc. but I am sure some do exist that are legit. I have seen a brief ad that detailed what you need to do to earn a white to black belt in karate in 3 years then you have to fly to Japan to get tested but that would be about it and that was an adversitement in an 1960's type of magazine. I think it may have been Popular Mechanics ?
  15. Tracedge,

    I know this all seems like trolling to you because your feeling is that since you don't claim to teach this art that it should not matter much. More as an indication of training obtained than instruction offered.

    The problem is that we few practitioners of this (PTK) art tend to get a little hot under the collar when we see those we don't know, claiming to know, what we (hopefully) do. Now I don't know Sean McGough and have not heard of him within the instructor ranks of PTK but the world is big and I do not claim to know everyone in it. That is the problem within the martial arts community.

    No one is actually saying that you don't know what you are doing, just that the ranking you claim title to does not fit with any known ranking method within the system, ergo....alarm bells.

    Apologies for any indelicacies about my posts.
  16. Jack Latorre

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    Mr. Davies--

    With all due respect sir, but I must day I am still a bit lost as to the Dan ranking in Pekiti-Tirsia. I have an interest in the matter because it is Pekiti-Tirsia that I represent, teach and attempt to proliferate in the ways that I can.

    I am not insinuating that you 'bought' your certification. I am more interested in how it came to be, as many have gleaned that it seems atypical for any Pekiti-Tirsia practitioner to carry such a title. The questioning does not seek to undermine your ability; it seeks to understand the 'how' and 'why' of the ranking and by 'whom'. Many practitioners here on the forum invest themselves deeply in their respective systems in terms of time, effort and blood...and anyone of them may very ask themselves similar questions of someone who had a title in their system that seemed incongruous to the language and seemed unfamiliar to long-time practitioners.

    I do agree...it is often warranted that knowing someone to some degree is usually required before commenting on them. So I think it fair to ask to know you, as I for one would like to know the answers to these questions.


    Jack A. Latorre
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    Still, I think hos training under Jim Keating IS legit, since Mr. Keating had previously pointed out, if my memory serves me correctly.
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    Sum flung!

    OMG Haku thanks for my first belly buster laugh of the year!!
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    LOL a belly buster laugh of the year !!!

    I think the U.S. Government has their own martial arts program, depending on what branch and what kind of dangers one might face, for example the DEA has their own hand to hand program while the FBI has a seperate one.

    The mainline soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces do not have access to this kind of training which the civilian martial art schools know this fact and put anything that says Special Forces or taught to the Navy Seals which should be a red flag.

    If one really wanted to learn and he was active duty in the Army, National Guard or the Reserves then he could hook up with the Green Berets for some training courses or he has a friend who is a Green Beret or he could simply sign up for the Special Forces.

    I am not a serviceman but I would imagine that they have an approved list of martial art schools at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

    I have no idea how the U.K. works as I am an American citizen but I am sure the British government has their own hand to hand combat program on different levels, one taught to the mainline troops then one to the special operations and another one to the black ops such as the U.S. Army Delta.

    Most of the civilian martial art schools function as money and the government sponsored programs are about saving troops lives although I am sure some money is invested into the program.
  20. lhommedieu

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    Generally the "martial arts" taught to special forces branches such as Delta units, Green Berets, Navy Seals, etc. are firearms and munitions-based. If a member of one of these teams has had to resort to hand-to-hand or bladed-weapon combat, then the chances are good that the s**t has really hit the fan and no one is going home. This is not to say that hand-to-hand and bladed weapons-based skills are not taught - but that the proportion spent learning these skills in relation to, say, developing skills related to reconnaissance, intelligence, and communications is really quite small. I think it is also fair to say that the development of over-all physical and mental conditioning is given a much higher priority than the development of specific martial arts skill sets.



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