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    hi sirs & kuyas, pinoy po, query lang.

    If am not istaken, the 13-strikes has no blocks as GM Vic taught me before w/c he got from GM Ben (please correct me if am wrong po). Sometime I have visited GM Phil in UP (is Sir Phil a GM or a Master? sorry for my ignorance po :angel: ), I have seen them train a bit & they have 13-blocks for the 13-strikes. Could somebody provide more info & comments on these sirs? (hopefully i have explained it for all to understand :biggrinbo).

    tnx po & more power
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    - correct, Mang Ben did not teach a system of blocking... instead, he taught us to intercept the strike before it reaches its maximum potential and neutralize it by redirecting it outside its effective range

    - Mang Fil Buena is an instructor in the LESKAS system and is not connected to LSAI.

    - the official LSAI website is currently being updated so the official list of Masters and Instructors is offline but ill post it here if its ok with the admins :)
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    Posting it is fine :)

    - Carol Kaur -
    - FMAT Supermod -

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