12 Inosanto Seguida (EyD)

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    Can someone explain how they look like and what they are used for?

    I read/was told that Guro Inosanto prepared these 12 out of Lacoste, Illustrissimo, Pekiti Tirsia & Villabrille material.

    Thank you in advance.

    Good training to you, Hank
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    well in my own understanding and my own opinion 12 which is originally from the doce pares club and no other system originates this one this system was discoverecd and formulated by the 12masters of doce pares out of nothing. this style only spread in other clan by cross training if they make there own patern why used the 12pairs why not make it 24pairs or 36 pairs? isnt' it more powerfull because it was multiplied? why stick to these number? its much more fun if they multiply the techniques? to make it more effective? Grand master illustrisimo was one of the founding fathers of the doce pares. and the techniques you mentioned was in our curriculum and its the basic core of the curriculum. when you speak of kali its dagger and penote training. 12 pairs is the most basic of it, it can be used randomly like zigsaw puzzles and verry difficult to read the stricks because its random. the birth place of doce pares is cebu if that tecnique derives from cebu then bit it come from the doce pares. you know 12 heads are better than one that is why they formulated it out of nothing. I'am proud to be cebuano I'am proud of the number 12 for us its that number makes us what we are today. proud of cebu the birth place of doce pares eskrima.
  3. "Grand master illustrisimo was one of the founding fathers of the doce pares."

    I would be careful with this assumption. "The secrets of Kali Ilustrisimo" says:

    "..Agapito Ilustrisimo, a member of the original Doce Pares Society of Mt. Banahaw, Laguna". - Page 10.

    Not the one formed in Cebu in 1932.

    The book also says that his relation Tatang Ilustrisimo was a reluctant teacher (as I have also heard elsewhere) and that he didn't even teach the guy who carried his weapons for fear that it would reduce his advantage if his system was widely known.

    I am sure though that there are a few techniques common to both systems.
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    From the very little that I've seen of Dan Inosanto's espada y daga (the tape/dvd series that includes an EyD demonstration with his wife): they look as though they were influenced by Pekiti Tirsia International's Espada y Daga Level One Attacks (and just as likely influenced by Guro Dan's association with Leo Gaje). There is probably an influence from Doce Pares' espada y daga curriculum as well, some of which is often refrerred to as "depensa sequidas."

    What I've seen amount to entries with a characterisitic "Uno Dos" or sinawali pattern, followed by a cross-step exit and backhand jab. Of course, the movements that I've seen are fundamental enough to beg a comparision with any number of EyD systems.


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    Thank you VERY much for posting that link!

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    Nps, but the thanks go to GM Regino's Grandson, who kindly converted it from the original 8mm :)
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    Right. You can be with tatang for years and he won't show you nothing. Be grateful that he even let you get near him. Be very grateful that he even talked to you. All of those who really learned from tatang knows a true Ilustrisimo technique. Nobody can fake it. Its either you learned or not.
    Cebu was a great place for various FMA styles/schools such as DP and still is.

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