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  1. Guro Dave Gould


    JKD News Letter,

    PLease do not "Spam" the Lameco Eskrima Board. There is a section on FMA.com for Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do related topics but they as well do not advocate posting "Spam" there.

    Guro Dave Gouild
  2. long range

    long range New Member

    Dear Guro Dave,

    Please excuse my delay in replying.

    Thank you for explanation on the combative nature/pricaples that you teach from Lameco Eskrima.
    I will keep this in mind when searching on my path.I have obtained some of your Knife training DVD'S and found that a lot of my questions have been answered from viewing the material.

    I observed on some youtube footage of yourself that you where using a training Kris sword.would it be possbile to inform to me where I might be able to purchase training blades like the one you have?

    Long Range.
  3. Guro Dave Gould


    Long Range,

    Hello, I hope that all is well with you. Which DVD`s in specific did you pickup? Just curious...

    The training "Kris" swords which you saw on the youtube footage being used by myself and my Berlin Representative, Patrick Shlichting actually belong to Alfonso Lopez, my representative from Madrid, Spain. With restrictions on Air travel now-a-days it is harder to travel with weapons, so now when I travel for seminars I rely on my students and representatives to provide me weapons with which to teach the seminar. So when in Spain I borrow the "Kris" swords which you saw on youtube, I do not know where he got them, sorry. If you would like I could ask him?.

    When at home in California I train with several different training Pinuti`s which I received as gifts from Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite in previous years as well as some which I purchased in the Philippines some years back. Sorry that I could not be of more help to you. Train well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  4. long range

    long range New Member

    Hello Guro Dave,
    I purchased Lameco Eskrima Essential Knife DVD by yourself and the whole series of Punong Guro Edgar's videos.
    Thank you for the information regarding the training blades.

    Long Range.
  5. London

    London New Member

    Guro Dave, this paragraph of your from the previous page is so lucid and refreshing that I felt compelled to paste it here again in case anyone missed it. I've wasted much time on other martial arts sites that are choking with dysfunctional egotistical garbage as well as "formality worship", and I'm so relieved to have found this forum and these kinds of cerebral insights. many thanks.

    We as Warriors in training share a similar fate and destiny in that our training is our Cocoon and once we transform from Martial Artist to Warriors and shed the cocoon, the cocoon becomes irrelevent. Upon our transformation the "training Cocoon" which was necessary for our transformation is shed from us leaving us to advance forward as Warriors, never having to look back to the cocoon for anything. Most systems teach numerous dead series of drills and redundant technique and place the emphasis of combative effect solely on those techniques and drills in redundant repetition. At some point in time to become effective the safety of the drill has to be evacuated and allow the function, for which the drill was created in the first place, to come forward and forge its way through to combative truth and under go the process of natural selection. The function is most important and once the function has been assimilated and actualized the drill becomes less important.

  6. BSnyder

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    Dear Guro Dave,

    I know this is an older thread, but I was reading thru it again and I had another question about the curriculum and ranking in Lameco Eskrima. You mention in several posts the beginner level of "Bagong Pasok" to the advanced level of "Batikan". Is there higher level material taught above those ranks? or is it more refining what you have been taught?



    BTW I purchased your book and it was excellent. I highly recommend it.
  7. Guro Dave Gould


    Bruce, Thank you I am glad that you enjoyed the book. There was always something to learn regarding all levels from with-in the Lameco Eskrima curriculum to include the various levels of Guro. But in general the Instructor Grades and up were reserved more for refinement and embracing the combative equation itself in defining the more important components regarding the fight itself. The Instructor grades is where the Instructor really dissected the combative equation in terms of both parts of the sum as well as the whole and refined to the nth degree everything which was required to become a great fighter and try and find a way to pass those experiences on to his students in a clear and concise manner. The Lameco Eskrima curriculum was very vast as Punong Guro Sulite was always adding and taking away from it as he saw the need to better his system and to make it more simplistic to comprehend and execute. The function was always more important to him and he was constantly searching for better ways to pass on the most critical and essential combative functions and attributes which were required for himself and his students to become more efficient fighters and more complete Martial Artists.

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