'07 Columbus Day Camp

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    Horizon Martial Arts offers a fun, safe, and educational training camp. Campers will enjoy a wide range of age appropriate activities including games, bowling and sports, along with professional Modern Arnis instruction.

    The Columbus Day Camp is one of our favorite camps of the year for the HMA students! Instead of having your children sitting around watching television all day, they can cram in 2 weeks of training in a single day. This camp will be beneficial to all regardless of your belt level.

    Included in the camp:
    · 1 - day of training.
    · Lunch, snacks & beverages.
    · Games and activities including Bowling.
    · Camp Tournament.
    · Team building exercises.
    · And much, much, more!

    [FONT=Abaddon™]Register today for [/FONT][FONT=Abaddon™]EARLY BIRD [/FONT][FONT=Abaddon™]pricing[/FONT]

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