“Duel in the Desert” 2012

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    To: Martial Arts Schools and Instructors,

    You are invited to attend the “Duel in the Desert” World Stick Fighting Championships which will be held July 16th through July 20th, 2012, at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This competition will feature some of the World’s best practitioners in the national art of the Philippines – Arnis, Kali and Eskrima.

    As the host and organizer, WEKAF- World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation has been one of the longest standing International FMA Competition Organizations governed by an International Board of Directors. We are pleased to announce that we have received team commitments coming from WEKAF Great Britain, WEKAF Germany, WEKAF Italy, WEKAF Spain and WEKAF Australia. Invitations are extended to all countries and organizations for this world tournament. This will be the Inaugural event of the “Global Stick and Blade Alliance - GSBA” formed by those members wishing to grow and maintain an impartial international organization based on the Filipino Martial Arts. The promoters, staff, International members and supporters of the “Duel in the Desert” include Charter, Senior, Executive Board members and people from many of the original member countries of WEKAF whose hard work contributed to the success of prior WEKAF events. They form the nucleus of this new organization and welcome other countries to bring teams to compete in this event and to select delegates to represent them in an organization where: The rules are agreed on by the majority vote of duly elected representatives – and rules that will be equally applied to all.

    This competition will include forms competition based on the Filipino Martial Arts with traditional, open/musical division, WEKAF style live-stick and padded weapon with minimal protection engagement competition featuring standard 28” sticks, 31” - 36” sticks and open divisions including single/double/long sticks and Nunchaku. Divisions are categorized accordingly by age, sex, and weight class. Adding the Padded Weapon division and using “engagement rules” not only encourages other FMA schools and organizations that do not subscribe to “WEKAF” style competition, but allows almost any “impact weapon” Martial Arts to be included.

    Costs are being kept as low as possible for this landmark event. The selected venue is located in a world renowned facility, The Riviera Hotel and Casino in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Blocked rooms are reserved in the newly renovated section of the hotel under the name “Stick Fighting Tournament – WEKAF USA”. Contracted accommodation rates are $49.00 Sunday-Thursday and $69.00 Friday-Saturday; plus 12% Clark County taxes; and an additional resort fee of $5.00 which includes complimentary Wi-Fi service, unlimited in-room safe usage, free access to the Achilles Fitness Center, special 2 for 1 show tickets and additional discounts to several restaurants located in the facility. The hotel is located 10 minutes from McCarran International Airport with taxi and shuttle services available.

    Registration information and packet will soon be available on our website www.wekafusa.org and Face Book page (WekafUsa Eskrima Kali Arnis). For more information regarding this tournament, please email us at wekafusa@yahoo.com

    We are looking forward to your participation in this Inaugural event in the promotion of the Filipino Martial Arts Sport and Culture through this World Stick Fighting Championships.

    With Respect,

    Board of Directors 2011-2012
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    Can anyone compete or do we need to qualify.
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    I just spoke with GM Sipin last night, it sounds like you have to have qualified already through the regional and national tournaments that have already taken place. However there is a new league forming called the "Global Blade and Stick Alliance" that will be on Friday, this is an open event and anyone can pre-register and compete.

    GM Sipin will be on the the next FMATalk live this Sunday, April 15th at 8pm cst. If anyone would like to speak with him directly this would be your chance to call in and ask these types of questions!

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    I will try to stop by for this event!
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    This will be the Inaugural event of the “Global Stick and Blade Alliance - GSBA” in Las Vegas NV.
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    Great interveiw and I think this should answer alot of peoples questions. Always Great to hear GM Sipin talk.
    Thank you!
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    Thanks for checking it out, your welcome. We had fun talking to GM Sipin, he is a cool guy with quite the history in both FMA and Law Enforcement.
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    It is official, FMATalk will be present during the Duel in the Desert! I will be going with Carl Outram (Host of the Caribbean Martial Arts Expo) do cover this inaugural event. We will be doing interviews on site as well as looking for future guests for the FMATalk Live show. It will be good to meet my FMA brothers and sisters. We will be July 17 - 19. Looking forward to seeing you there!
  11. BirdieKing

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    Awesome, I was planning on going but now it looks like I will have a scheduling conflict :(
  12. Datu Tim Hartman

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    I will be in Vegas Tuesday - Thursday to cover the event. Hope to see some of you there!
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    Here is the first of a series of interviews from the event.

  14. James Miller

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    GSBA Duel in the Desert July 2012 World Champion. Interview with World Stick Fighting

    GSBA Duel in the Desert July 2012 World Champion. Interview with World Stick Fighting Champion Linda Pulido.

  15. Datu Tim Hartman

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    [h=1][FONT=arial, sans-serif]GSBA Duel in the Desert July 2012 - Kick Connection interview [/FONT][/h]

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