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    1. sdade12sd
      Hello Tuhon Mcgrath and all,

      I think a lot about horizontal strikes(single or double stick) as offense and defense. I would say that almost all filipino styles train using diagonal
      strikes 80 percent of the time. To me it is easier to avoid daigonal strikes or hit the opponents hand from a long distance but if your opponent
      attacks you horizontally you can't hit their hand or you will be hit. So, I step back in this case and try to hit their stick and disrupt their movement and then come closer
      to try to hit their hand. Tuhon, can you tell me where in the Pekiti-Tirsia system I should look to understand defense of horizontal strikes better. Also,
      would this information be on any of your DVDs for purchase on your web site. Thank you very much
    2. James Bond
      James Bond
      hello Tuhon Bill I am visiting australia and am curious if you know of any PTK schools in the adalaide or melbourne areas. any info would be greatly appreciated. am considering moving there and i want to find the right school for me.
    3. TuhonBill
      Hi Ben,

      Most of it did. Eddie didn't teach us the Indonesian words most of the time, just the technique, so many of your terms are unfamiliar to me. Eddie taught us at least 10 jurus. I think you had just 6 in your syllabus. I would speak to a native Indonesian speaker, (preferably from Eddie's province) to get all the terms right. I think Rita Suwanda would be a good person to point you in the right direction.

    4. NubreedKaliSilat
      Did that syllabus make any sence to you?? Did he teach in from Bunga?
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