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Jan 25, 2011
Jul 5, 2007
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Breaux Bridge, LA / Terre Haute, IN
Electrician, ROV Tech for a Civilian & Miltary Con

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R. Mike Snow

Chiseled Edge, from Breaux Bridge, LA / Terre Haute, IN

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Jan 25, 2011
    1. Fewskivvie
      Guro Mike, greetings. Recently i have had the opportunity to travel to PI to further add "technologies" to my FMA repertoire. As i've stated before, i have 4 years of steady training in PTK, but after coming across DTS (and all the controversies surrounding both groups aside) i really liked what i saw and wish to get started on another path within the Tortal Family Systems. So, this is my question. I can go train with Grandmaster Jerson jr...Though i noticed some of his movements differ from GT Nenes. Flashier, but upon closer inspection, same principles and ALOT of enganyos. I like how he moves. Could be the age difference? I also noticed on one of your posts on his doble daga drills that, (correct me if i'm wrong, this is not an attack) you maybe didn't seem to keen on the way he applies his DTS? I mean, he is the second in command and the next heir. So...it is DTS right? Do you recommend i train with him?

      Thanks buddy.

      Best regards,

    2. Boz
      I tried searching for you on FB, but couldn't find you. You might be set on super secret private and don't show up in search results.
    3. Boz

      Do you still get real Filipino Sandata on occasion? I am very much interested in picking something up if possible. I was thinking a ginunting, or maybe something else. I know you are very knowledgeable, so maybe you can tell me about something really cool that I don't even know about.

      If you get a moment, let me know if you can help out. If not, then maybe you can suggest where to look.

      Also, I'd like to get together and work some DTS stuff once the weather gets a little nicer. Maybe Cory and I could head down that way?

    4. PG Michael B
      PG Michael B
      Hey Mike..long time my friend. How have you been? Busy as hell here..having a little ten month old crusing around sucks time away quickly..LOL...but the training and teaching go well. I got a question for you. A friend of mine in Indianapolis is wanting to bring me in for a Janaury or February two day seminar. I was wondering if you would have interest in that and if you think it would garner interest in Indiana eskrima circles etc...spoke with a buddy of mine in Muncie who is coming he is a eskrima silat guy ..Cory Ballinger, unsure if ya'll know each other. I am trying to get a fell of the layout..I havent been home in a long ass time and I'd love to bring SEAMOK to Indiana....give me some feed back bro..appreciate it

    5. R. Mike Snow
      R. Mike Snow
      Thank you Bill!
    6. R. Mike Snow
      R. Mike Snow
      Hello Jezah,

      The only popular art I know of the still focusses on that type of heavy weapon is ours, DTS. We still push the traditional cirular slashing and thrusting as well as the traditional footwork and changing leveels. There are other systems in Negros and Panay that evolved using the Binangon, Tenegre and Sanduko, but they are local. Like GM Abramam in Bacolod. Just check out the clips on ww.dtskali.com

      God Bless, Mike
    7. jezah81
      Hey Mike,
      Thanks for replying to my post about the talibong I purchased. You mentioned that this talibong is used for another different style of fighting than doce pares. Can you tell me what style of fighting would be ideal for this particular talibong, as I would like to learn how to use it as it was intended. Blade length is 23 inches by the way.
    8. silat1
      Mike, If you have a chance to talk to GM Nene, find out if he has his paperwork or any type of information stating that he fought along with the americans during the second war.. If he has this paperwork, he might be eligible to get $9K for payment for service related promises.. If he was an american citizen, he would be eligible for $15K as part of this stimulus package which included payment for the filipino veterans who fought with the US during the war.. He has to go to the Veteran's administration in Manila to file.. I will see if I can find more information concerning this subject..
    9. Tom
      Hello Mike,
      I think we have been mailing each other recently, glad to know you are here online as well. Best wishes, Thomas Argiro
    10. Boz

      Cory and I were reviewing the DTS 12 strikes today and I am having trouble remembering the difference between Strike 8 and Strike 11. What are the target areas for these two strkes? From what I remember 8 is a redondo to the top of the head/face/throat, but I am not 100% sure.
    11. Kali Cowboy
      Kali Cowboy
      Don't be shy make a friend!
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    Breaux Bridge, LA / Terre Haute, IN
    Electrician, ROV Tech for a Civilian & Miltary Con
    Mike Snow
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