Phil Mar Nadela
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Jul 13, 2015
Jul 30, 2007
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Gas Drive, Shipping/Receiving Department

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Phil Mar Nadela

New Member, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Jul 13, 2015
    1. batotoy
      Hey how are you now? Havent heard anything from you. What's new? are you a Guro now?
    2. AbramS
      haha kuya, I found you.
    3. jedsky
      hello add me naman sa friend list ,just call me jedsky from philipines
    4. Dawn
      CONGRATULATIONS PHIL!! <clap clap clap>
    5. Carol
      Just stopping by to say hi :)
    6. Phil Mar Nadela
      Phil Mar Nadela
      Lol! You got me good!
    7. Dawn
      Hi Phil!! If you listen carefully, the song goes

      "Oh Jose, can you see, by the dawn's early light..." then finishes with
      "Jose does that star spangled banner yet waaaave..."

      Wahahaha! Gotcha! :D

      Yeah the holiday festivities are getting to my head a little bit, sorry :p:
    8. Dawn
      Did you know that the "Star Spangled Banner" was a song to a Filipino guy?
    9. Phil Mar Nadela
      Phil Mar Nadela
      Still not sure which one to post but im the cute one in my profile pic, the one with the glases.

      Hey! I should ask you, do you really have wings that glow? (kidding)
    10. Dawn
      Hi Phil! Where are your pictures? :)
    11. Phil Mar Nadela
      Phil Mar Nadela
      Kuntawguro Sir,
      I guess you have to be a supporting member. You can also ask the admin about it. But i see that you already have them up and they are really impressive! Sorry for the late reply
    12. kuntawguro
      how does one go about getting a photo album?
    13. el maldito de cebu
      el maldito de cebu
      I had uploaded a new video featuring the Filipino muay thai the yaw yan. I demo on some basic strikes and on punch and kicks. thanx for subscribing. I just want to show what are other filipino arts that exist in the mother land.
    14. Phil Mar Nadela
      Phil Mar Nadela
      Subscrided to your channel Raffy!
    15. el maldito de cebu
      el maldito de cebu
      hey phil' I had posted some demo's on youtube on uses of dagger handgrip try check it out search el maldito de cebu
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  • About

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Gas Drive, Shipping/Receiving Department
    Phil Mar M. Nadela
    Styles Studied:
    Boxing, Ketto Ryu Jujitsu
    How long have you been training in the FMA?:
    5 years
    Guro/Sensei Regie Aviles, Punong Guro Rogelio Paclibar, GM Suanico, Guro Sonny Padilla
    Blue belt Kali-Arnis de Mano, Brown Belt Paclibar Bicol Arnis, Tagapagtuturo Kali Ilustrisimo
    Favorite FMA Weapon.:
    Balisong, Double stick, Espada y daga and Kris (knife/Sword)
    Kali Arnis De Mano,Paclibar Bicol Arnis System,Kali Ilustrisimo,Amature Boxing & Inukshuk bushido Kai Jui-jitsu

    Movies,Video Games,Boxing, Self Defense and Working Out, FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS