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The Philippines
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Jan 2, 2013
    1. littlebadboy
      Hi! Your message box is full again. Still have padded sticks in the Philippines?
    2. The Old Way Traveler
      The Old Way Traveler
      Mr. Simon,
      i hope things are well with you... are there any updates on the order i requested? the tumalin sticks (and some other ones) plus two carabao horn dulo-dulos?? just wondering.. i know you're a busy man, and i didn't want to bother you, but i would like to know if they're ready for me..?

      thanks again sir!!

    3. The Old Way Traveler
      The Old Way Traveler
      Mr. Simon,

      i'm looking at purchasing a couple of those tumalin sticks that you have on your website along with a couple of the carabao horn dulo-dulos.. i know your tumalin sticks are sold out (for the moment, i hope) i was just wondering if there's anyway you can cut them down to a preferred length for me? please let me know if this is possible.. thank you in advance!

    4. jwinch2
      Are you still holding those sticks? if so, I will be happy to finish the order now that I am settled in...


    5. jwinch2
      Holding onto the sticks is excellent. Thanks for that! I'll contact you when we are back in the US to arrange shipping. Cheers!
    6. jwinch2
      Hi Simon,

      I saw that you tried to reply but my inbox was full. Now I tried to reply and your inbox is full. Ha! I have cleared mine out so feel free to drop me a line when you have a moment. Thanks!
    7. Phil Mar Nadela
      Phil Mar Nadela
      kuya Simon,

      Tried to send you a pm. I will send it to your site instead\

    8. jwinch2
      Your PM box is full... If I submit an order, should I just include my sizes in the comments box?

      Hi Scott,

      GM Yuli is currently overseas teaching for 5 months :(

      For the last few years I have been mentioning "Video" to him but so far there are no plans. As you have picked up on, Bahad Zu'bu needs to be really trained 1-1. As he says, "Without proper understanding there is no proper learning".

      Anyway, I will keep asking and will post if I have an update.

      Glad you like the vids,

    10. sjansen
      When GM Romo decides to actually make a full length video with explanation in english please let me know. His stuff is amazing and I am having trouble decifering what is going on without an explanation.
      A true master and hopefully he will do so soon.
    11. silat1
      Bill from Guam here
      I am currently in Angeles city and heading to manila this saturday.. Any suggestions on where to get some live blades such as ginuntings and maybe barongs

      I am staying at the clarkton hotel in angeles, so I am with my puter on right now..
      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as it has been many years since I had been blade hunting..

    12. Kali Cowboy
      Kali Cowboy
      I need a rush job on 6 hawtaw sticks, I need them to my home no later than the 26th of this month. Can you help me? Send a Paypal bill to my email address, and I will pay right away.

      Thanks bro, as always it is a pleasure doing business with you.
      God Bless,
    13. Killbot

      When you get a new pile of Tumalins in, can you send me an email? I looked on the site and its maked "out of stock."

      Thanks! I've heard these things are the best stick you can get.

      My email is .
      My name is Josh. I've order padded sticks from you before and they are holding up better than any other padded stick we've used...and we grapple with them alot! :)

      Thanks man!
    14. PG Michael B
      PG Michael B
      Hello Simon. I am writing you for contact info for Master Romo. I cancelled my and lost his email. You can forward it to me her eor at
    15. KAHLBURO
      kumusta na simon ,anong nangyari sa training nyo
    16. arcaix
      kuya, r u still logging in?
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