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  1. GuroJeff
    Chief Instructor at Xilin Martial Arts. Classes in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali and Chen Taijiquan.
  2. bangkil
    Mabuhay ang Kultura ng Mandirigmang Pilipino !
  3. bokology
    It's nice to be back here at FMAtalk after 10 years!
  4. Paul Rosales
    Paul Rosales
    Any Heyrosa De Cuerdas Practitioners here in the US?
    MAKTAN-FMA 2016 Seminar w/ GM Taboada & Tuhon Dionaldo April 29 - May 1, 2016 - Cincinnati, OH /
  6. Koliver Garote
    Koliver Garote
    Tomahawk Atcha axe seminar Feb 27 2016 at tkmt 1992 yonge st.tor.on.canada
  7. master BAX
    master BAX
    Pugay! to all kalis arnisadores MABUHAY!
  8. Nesten Petit
    Nesten Petit
    PTK Workshop hosted by Tuhon A.K. (47) February 13, 2016 at 2- 6pm in White Plains, NY Contact Information:
    1. Nesten Petit
  9. dmorris
    dmorris PAKali
    An FMA training group will be meeting at Explosive Sports in Harrisburg PA starting Feb 22nd 2015 from 130 pm to 330 pm contact Dan Morris for more information at or 717 829 1072
  10. dmorris
    dmorris joellevan
    An FMA training group will be meeting at Explosive Sports in Harrisburg PA starting Feb 22 2015 from 130 pm to 330 pm contact Dan Morris at 717 829 1072 or at for more information.
  11. dmorris
    Greetings from Warrior Defense Systems Harrisburg PA.,
    We will be starting an FMA training group on a farm in Harrisburg PA, all FMA styles welcome. Indoor and outdoor training the site is ideal for FMA seminars. The group will meet on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. starting the end of February 2015 (stay tuned for the date) until there is a need for more sessions. The site is Explosive Sports performance, a gym that trains high level athletes in just about every sport, they offer personal training and various gender specific classes. I am a former Police Officer, Marine and have trained in the Martial Arts for over thirty years. The last ten years I have focused my training on FMA.

    For more information contact:
    Head Instructor Dan Morris
    Phone: 717-829-1072
  12. kevin hand
    kevin hand jspeedy
    thank you. ive been to fort walton yesterday. called a couple schools. no one up here has any real training in the fma besides me. sad. but good in a way. maybe i can be one of the first to offer instruction! i do want to connect with other fma practitioners at some point because continued learning is always good. i know quite a few of the basics of fma but i always want more. its such a beautiful art to me. i want to share it with others. so, i am going to search for possible online instruction, maybe through someone i have met in the past, such as guro dong cuesta in new york. he is doce pares. but yes, if your friend ever wants to meet and talk martial arts or at least talk online that would be a good start! tell your friend that i would enjoy talking to him about the fma. thanks....kevin
  13. jspeedy
    jspeedy kevin hand
    Hey man! I forwarded my friend your email, I'm not sure if he's taking students right now or not. We both train Balintawak because we really love the art, I'm in Orlando now or I'd offer to let you try it out. Balintawak is one of the root systems in modern Arnis so I think you'd like it.
  14. kevin hand
    kevin hand jspeedy
    that would be great. im not sure when i can start training with anyone yet. i have to find a job. but i am living with my fiance here in crestview. i am just trying to line something up right now and see what my options are. i would love to get permission to teach fma at some point. is your friend on fma talk? if not, he can email me at and my name is kevin i have it posted on here. thanks for you help.
  15. tim prater
  16. AxiomLebron
    WOTBAG Balintawak.....
    [TD]STICKFIGHTING WORLD needs a few more fighters for our June 21st event. You will be paid $200 for your participation. This is your opportunity to be involved with the next evolution of combat sports entertainment on the ground floor.[/TD]
  18. MAKTAN
    2014 Ohio Balintawak Seminar w/ Grand Master Bobby Taboada

    Where: Cincinnati, OH

    When: May 2nd - 3rd 2014

    For More Information checkout the website:

    Questions contact e-mail:
  19. fkmedellin
    Hello! I am currently starting a Kali Training Group in Medellín, Colombia. Please feel free to contact me. Hola, estoy empezando un grupo de entrenamiento de Kali Escrima en Medellín. Por favor pónganse en contacto conmigo.
  20. Sam Lauranilla
    Sam Lauranilla